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Nicknames and avatars

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My name came from playing Quake 2 in high school with friends, taken from the film Dogmas character, the Angel of Death. Eventually we were playing team deathmatch with me against everyone. It's caused plenty of confusion over the years, especially with the rise of the MCU.

My avatar is from a Penny Arcade strip which basically sums up my poker face when I draw my hand.

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My name comes from a "stage name" of mine.

It started with the nickname I acquired in my late teens from a character in the 'Spell Singer' series of books, Mudge was a short, bow legged, smart mouth talking otter whose ideas usually landed the group in trouble.  A number of friends read the books and decided that was me so it stuck.  I later needed a stage name, so I used it and added my favorite color as a last name.  I have carried the name for better than 30 years now as an alias.

The Avatar is a picture of one of my daughter's favorite shirts, a unicorn puking rainbows.  It speaks to me......

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