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A kickstarter review of SSO

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SSO A semi co-operative narrative Sc-ifi game for 1-6 players

A Kickstarter review


This game has just reached funding on Kickstarter, and the campaign is on for another 3 weeks (ending June 16th).


I have played this game a lot, and find it clever, well thought out game. You play a crew that has just arrived on the strangely abandoned Spaceship Omega and you need to pilot it back (or at least survive until it gets back on its own accord). You then have strange occurrences happening which slowly lead to you discovering what happened to the original crew.

What actually happened is based on which Challenge deck you are playing against. At the moment there are only 2 challenge decks in the kickstarter, The Artifical intelligence malfunction and the First captain, but there are stretch goals to get more challenge decks printed. (I’ve been lucky enough to play several of the others and they are fun and cover a wide range of the classic Sci Fi stories, with more planned). I would strongly recommend that you get the game with more than 1 challenge deck, as my preferred way to play is to not know what you are facing, as it makes it much harder to plan early moves. For this, the AI deck and the first captain deck are a great pair, because one kills you off when you are grouped together and by costing you oxygen, while the other kills you off when you are alone, and you need to reduce the ships oxygen to kill the captain.


The game is classed as semi co-operative because you only win if you have surviving crew at the end of the game (when you can’t turn over any more challenge cards). I have played some games where the players turn on themselves feeling the win is better if other people lose, and other where the players jump through all sorts of hoops to try and get as many crew survive as possible. I’ve found every game I have played in has had twists that have nearly killed us all and help rack up the tension.


One of the biggest selling point is the price. Its just £10 for the base set including UK postage, £15 with a second challenge deck. Because the game designer planned this all out, the game fits inside a Large UK letter, which makes for the cheap postage.

Come and look at the campaign and feel free to ask questions. We are now heading towards our first stretch goal, and just started voting on which deck is up next.

I am biased, you can see me in the playthrough video

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