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Can you tell me about this game?

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It's got a bunch that's similar (using decks of cards, alternating activations, killing things mattering but not being the most important thing), but there's a lot different with it too!  The scale is of course much bigger (in Malifaux you'll have about 7-10 models, where in TOS you'll have probably 7-10 units made up of 50-ish models), instead of having AP there's a fairly simple Order system that controls what each unit can do on its activation, each player can pass their activations (but if both players pass in a row the turn immediately ends even if there's unactivated stuff), and there's no Conditions or anything like that (instead, there are 4 tokens: two pairs of a good and a bad one that each do pretty different things)!  There's a lot more that's different in how they play, but those are probably the biggest ones.

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