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What books do you need to start the game?

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This is an easy one, the core rules are actually available for free here!  That only has the rules, no fluff or stat cards, so if you want to know everyone's stat cards you can pick up the 2nd edition books (Malifaux 2nd Edition Core Rulebook, Crossroads, Shifting Loyalties, Ripples of Fate, and Broken Promises).  If you're wanting all of the fluff you can either also buy the 1st and 1.5 edition rulebooks or listen to the stories being read out in the free podcast here (it's currently up to the 2nd edition book Crossroads) :)

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There's a free download of the core rules pdf, but it doesn't include info on all the cards so you will probably want the Bad Stuff Happens app. If you prefer books, it's more expensive, but Retnab summed it up quite well.

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