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Titania+pact with the grave spirit

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Aura  "Autumn's Corruption" says Enemy models within 3" aura of this model cannot heal or use soulstones.

This part "cannot heal" prevent from using healing abilities and actions or prevent model be healed from any source while it within aura effect? 

for example:

1) Enemy Teddy (5 wound remains) is within 3" of my Titania and also within 3" of his Dreamer (dreamer not within Titania's aura). At start of Teddy's activation will he heal 3 damage for Dreamers aura or not?  or he will heal 2 damage from regeneration and 3 from  Dreamer? or he will not heal at all?

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If a model is within the Autumn's Corruption aura, it cannot heal wounds. The location of the source of the healing does not matter.

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