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Who can take the most beating?

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So, I put the Carlos question in the rules discussion thread, maybe you guys want to take a look at that once in a while :)




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On 5/20/2018 at 9:35 PM, Hollingydale said:

I disagree. There's no part of the ability that says the armour condition is removed.

1+2 = 3

3-2 = 1

This is the interpretation myself and many other UK Arcanists have been using 


Why do you only remove 2? That's what I can't explain in your explanation unless you aren't merging the condition in all ways. Trying to write a rule that works the way you are playing it is quite complex. You've set a unique end point for each point of the armour+3 one of which is the lose of burning+2 one is the loss of burning+1 and one is the end of the game. As an arcanist in the UK, I'll still stick with a way I can explain in the rules. But if you can explain your way, I'll certainly listen. Mind you I doubt I really ever want armour+3 on Carlos. 

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I’m throwing Blessed of December out there as a dark horse contender. Df 6 with Hard to Wound and Eat Your Fill.  Armour her up and so long as there’s fleshy morsels around she’ll do pretty well.  With Leap, she can get to the easiest targets.  

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