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Von Schill v. Outcast Misaki - Story Battle Report

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He crunched up the sandy incline, chewing on a cigar, and surveyed the abandoned mining camp.  At the center was the informant, collapsed from dehydration they were trying to extract, one of the survivors of the  Nephlam attack, who knew the location of the cache of soulstones the miners had squirreled away as the attack descended upon them.  Von Schill waves an arm back, calling forward his team, when a  taunting voice called out from over the shifting sands - "Good Morning!" He stared across the rising heat shimmers and saw a collection of figures emerging from the far side of the camp.  His eyes narrowed as he recognized the infamous bisteno of Misaki, surrounded by a collection of her Last Blossom cadre - so, he thought, this is not a sanctioned Ten Thunders operation, she's gathering resources for her own use.  He scanned the rest of her crew, seeing a few mercenaries, desperate and frantic for a few quick scrip, as well as...oathbreakers.

He heard the confident footsteps of the Strongarm, on his right, immediately, followed by the sound of aethic power charging into flexed fist.  Von Schill waved a hand, "I will handle her, he's yours".  He meant the oathkeepers, men who had abandoned the creed of the Freikorps.  His men started deploying onto the field, the Strongarm covering the informant, while the Man in Black held the other flank, with an Engineer and Freikorpsmann  supporting him.

Von Schill charged ahead, engaging Misaki directly - leaping over abandoned mining equipment and grabbing Miskai with his mechanical arm, tossing her like a ragdoll.  One fluid throw lead into a cascade of bullets as his peacekeeper rang out - Misaki cried out and charged back in.  A grin formed around his cigar as Von Schill dodge her dancing blade - finally, a decent fight. Her bisteno crashed into his new armor, a fusion of steel and soulstone courtesy of his Engineers, to no affect.  In the corner of his eye, he watched as the Stalker, that mad  killer, leap into the mercs, 2 swift blows dispatched them both - at least the could defend themselves...in theory.  Allies such as him were distasteful, but his talents could not be ignored or belittled.  

The sounds of combat reached him from behind, as a motley collection of Last Blossom and convicts did battle against his professionals.  The Oathbreakers were playing it cagey, clearly uneasy about engaging with their family they had abandoned and betrayed.  He ignored it - the battle was intensifying with Misaki; they clashed again, her trying to seize the rapid victory through decapitation.  His armor held and she retreated back, only to have Von Schill charge her again, landing next to a treacherous sniper.  Blows rained down against Misaki and she crumbled, hot blood pouring from numerous slashed and bullet wounds.  Across the field, an explosion ripped the air,as the other Oathkeeper went up in flames, his suit crumbling under the enraged strength of a true Strongarm.

Von Schill turned and watched as the battle turned to clean up, his forces sweeping aside the foes.  A mad howl caught his attention, as a man, all in black came bounding out of the backline - he had been mucking about behind his lines - his cry echoed across the camp as his knife buried deep into the Strongarm's side, rending the armor and sending cracks scattering out across his breastplate.  The Strongarm barely registered the strike, as he was locked in on a lone ronin atttempting to sneak up to the informant.  He just twitched, throwing a backhand strike behind him, crushing the insane copycat's skull and sending his corpse flying.

Von Schill examined the scene from above: the informant was revived and gave the location, then spirited away for more detailed medical aid, the soulstone cache was recovered, a small treasure trove of the glowing gems, and causalities had been null.  He leaned back and struck his cigar against the metal of his arm, igniting it and began buffing - it really had been a good morning.

Score: Von Schill 9 (4 Extraction, 3 Surround Them, 2 Covert Breakthrough) Misaki 2 (2 Surrond Them)

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