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Merseyfaux 4 , Sunday 5th August

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Instalment 4 of malifaux in Liverpool city centre. Can host up to 32 players 

See below for Facebook group with ticket link, and a direct website link for tickets too



Venue - Justplay games, Liverpool city centre 

Has cheap weekend parking right next door, and very close to transport links

When - Sunday 5th August 10am for a 6.15pm finish 

50ss fixed faction,  3 games 

Rulespack attached below

Merseyfaux 4 Rulespack.pdf

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Paid entrants list

1. Dave Allen

2. Cai Bird

3. Alison Whitfield 

4. Radek Bry

5. James Crosby 

6. Daniel Vrsanksy 

7. Kyle Douglas

8. Zed Strong

9. Jon Cooper

10. Carl Lee

11. Emma Newham

12. Alyx Drake

13. Danny Moss

14. Stuart (Chester)













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Strats and Schemes via crewfaux


Round one

Corner deployment

Public Executions

Eliminate the leadership, Dig their graves, hold up forces, take prisoner, take one for the team


Round two

Close deployment


Punish the weak, set up, show of force, take one for the team, recover evidence



Round three

Standard deployment


Guarded Treasure, Show of force, inescapable trap, search the ruins, recover evidence 

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