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Dollar Store Adventures

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So I wanted to try my hands at terrain making and didn't want to spend much cash doing so.  I got the idea to make a mud brick / adobe building using mostly stuff I found at the dollar store or lying around the house.  I figure if you're living in the badlands and there's giant things flying around with acid for blood, you might want more than a few planks of wood between you and all the Bad Things.

I grabbed some foam board and some small wooden 'planks' that I found in the craft section.  The planks got glued into a big box, then the foam was glued over top.  I peeled the paper off the foam in places and scored brick into it.  The wooden beams were made with bits of balsa I had lying around.  Then I basically slathered the whole thing in textured polyfilla.  It's normally used to repair damage to textured walls or ceilings but I layered it on like a damn cake.  Took about 16 hours to dry, and I only had to touch up one corner a bit.

The doors and windows will be done up with craft sticks.  The board it's glued onto was originally a clip board ($1.25) which I pried the clip off of.  I'm going to put a little porch on one side and a wooden staircase on the other side so as to fill the base up.

All told I'm out $20 Canadian, so not bad.  Comments or criticism welcome!





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Made some progress.  Peeled it off the base board because that wasn't working for me.  Added a few layers of paint to it, again using crap paint from the Dollar Store which actually worked okay.  Covered everything in a watered down brown paint, then it's been successive layers of dry brushing. One more dry brush and maybe touch up the wood bits, maybe with some grey.1482618096_IMG_00421.JPG.f6595822e70c288640fee910e96d19d7.JPG

My only gripe with the Pollyfilla is that it dries on like plaster, and I'm a bit worried it'll crumb if someone were to pick at it.  Still, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

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Looks great.

If you add a few layers of thinned down PVA over the finished piece it can help seal any crumbliness. Usually it dries matte, but you might want to dullcoat it if there's glossy smooth patches.

Acrylic matte medium does a similar job but is way more expensive.

Or, tell people not to f*ing pick at it!

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