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Bonjour !

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Hello everyone.

As you could imagine from the topic's title, I'm from France and a newcomer to Malifaux (actually, I bought a few models for painting years ago, but now it's play time). My english is not the best, so every tip would be welcomed :)

I will play Malifaux within a very small group of friends. My wife has already bought the Titania's Crew, a couple of friends are interested by Gremlins and Ten Thunders and the last one hasn't made his choice yet. I am going to play Ressers, since I had a crush on Reva (but TT weren't far beyond, I really like their style). 


That's all for now, if you have any questions I'd be glad to answer :)

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I totally forgot about the MSU forum. I signed up and posted a few years ago, gonna get back on it. 

Thanks for the reminder :)

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