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2018 Painting Contests

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Hey Wyrdos!  You may be sad now that Creature Feature is over, but worry not!  I'm here to provide you with a fun-filled schedule for painting for this year!  While it may be difficult, try to contain the high pitched squeals of joy.  They hurt @Kyle's ears.  

Below is the planned schedule of painting contests for the remainder of the year.  Please keep in mind this is a rough outline and may be subject to change for a number of reasons.  Without further ado, the schedule!  

Total Testosterone

Total Testosterone will be returning in full force!!  Just like last year, it will be a contest for the manliest models you can get your hands on.  This contest will run from June 4th to June 24th.  

Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale will also be making its triumphant return as well.  The deadliest ladies of the miniatures world will be back and ready for vengeance.  This contest will run from July 2nd to July 22nd.  

Iron Painter 2018

Iron Painter.  The most grueling (and fun!) painting contest that we do here at Wyrd.  Five rounds determine who is the most Iron of all the Painters.  Iron Painter sign-ups will open up on July 30th.  The schedule currently has us starting Round One on August 20th, and Round Five submissions will finish up on Nov 26th.  This is just to give a rough idea.  A more in-depth schedule and rules will go up closer to the event itself. 


2018 looks to be a fun and exciting year for painters!  I can't wait to see what you guys put together!  

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6 hours ago, icatsai said:

Where do I find the IP sign ups? 
Not that I'm in a rush to be a masochist again or anything... 

This!! I've returned for a second crack at it! 

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