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Help Me - Sick of loosing

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5 hours ago, Ludvig said:

Whuuut?! Facing ressers so everything on the opposing side has undead greatly improves his performance. They clump for whatever reason and you do the max expunge damage to a target for a 1 and a 0. His ca stat is seriously good. This means you can push + walk thrn do the thing and trigger to push into btb giving you a very fun alpha and a chance to die a glorious death while wasting enemy ap because Francisco buffed you and you managed to engage a couple of models. The effigy can usually run close enough to allow healing and card draw turn 2. A performer can do some scheming and offer a second expunge if necessary.

Edit: Sure, not exactly a powerhouse, LJ or Perdita could probably outdamage him.

I don't face ressers enough to have ever had that experience.  

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On 4/26/2018 at 8:06 AM, Gnomezilla said:

@azgadil FOUR reactivates! I’m in awe. I never have the brass arachnid in range turns two and three, if I have cast reactivate in turn one. A 10+ tome in hand often enough to let the brass arachnid walk instead of stoke itself for tomes?

Also, I’m very surprised you picked Set Up. Where on the board did that score? Against which model?

SteamFitter helps with the ability to repeat Brass.  SteamFitter pulls in Ramos 11T for instance. Also in a single turn I got it off twice with Stoke.  one of the activations was a wild /straight flip - and that’s just unlucky for my opponent.  So then I cheated the second re-activate. Lastly  had Amina to pull in a target so Joss stayed fairly close to Brass. 

Set up was scored round three targeting Fransisco (who I am not sure I will ever make my set up target ever again).  Opponent played around it very well and except for spiders and reactivate shenanigans I would not have scored. That said SteamFitter again was helpful.  (1) Move (1) Interact Scheme.  (0) Scheme.  My third Scheme required Ramos AP to get the full three points and That’s not ideal.  

Overall I am not liking Brass Arachnid. I have seen how great Brass and be and I have seen him worthless. 

There are a lot of “ifs” that made this work. That said the game has some pretty weird swings in that regard (Segway into another thread). 

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