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Quick access to related entry when view card

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An improvement idea for developers regrad on the UX aspect. Add a new button or a new section in every models and upgrades pages to show all related entries (other models and upgrades), and allow user to redirect to the specific page by clicking the entry name, just like a hyper link.

Related Entries:
-All summonable models of the viewing model/upgrade
-Summoner of the viewing model
 (eg. All normal summoner, Rat King -> Rat)
-Models that mentioned in the ability/action of the viewing model
 (eg. A&D, Mr. Graves <-> Mr.Tannen, Baby Kade -> Teddy)
-Models with the keyword(s) mentioned in the ability/action of the viewing model
 (eg. Infiltration)

-All restriction upgrades of the view model
-Conflux upgrade of the master
-All related upgrades of the model
 (Hodgepodge E. -> Trinket Upgrades, Hoffman -> Modification & Cybord Upgrades)
-All upgrades that mentioned in the ability/action of the view upgrade
 (eg. Yin <-> Yang)



There will be a huge amount of works to be done so I do not expect we can see this feature coming in next few versions. But I do think it will be a great boost to UX and looking forward we can have it at the future.

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