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Shifting Loyalties in the Four Corners CO,NM,AZ,UT May 1st to August 4th

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Running modified Shifting Loyalties map campaign with "Hide Out" rules. Starting May 1st and wrapping up August 4th. Game Changers Game Store, Farmington, New Mexico. 217 W Main St, Farmington, NM 8740. (505) 330-8479 

Introducing Game Changers 2018 Malifaux Campaign!
From May 1st to August 4th
This is a modified version of "Shifting Loyalties"
We will be using the optional rules from the book;
*Stay Dead
*Collusion and Trading
*The Good Doctor
*Cut 'em up for Parts
*Hide Outs
$10 entry fee (Prize Pool) is required to be paid to CGC no later than May 1st.
During this Campaign players will be;
*Choosing a "Hide Out", building/buying/painting a terrain piece no larger than 12"x12"x12" and gaining upgrades for it.
*Competing for "Territories" on a 3D map that Craig Gjedde is constructing.
*Posting Encounters/Hobby/Paint on Communication Board
*Celebrating the "Competitive Spirit" and "Sportsmanship"
Each Player will receive a "Campaign Dossier" that includes the "Shifting Loyalties" rules, the modified rules and forms to participate in this one of a kind Campaign.

Malifaux Campaign 2018.docx

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