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Ye Olde Modelles

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Outcasts, my third faction but second to paint extensively. Had to get that avatar Hamelin model before it went out of production, it's just too cool. I bought a whole load of brown paints for this project, but ended up going a much more colourful route after reading up a bit on the pied piper.


This tarpit puppy has won me more than a few games.


Couldn't get my hands on the metal Obedient wretch and didn't feel much like buying the plastic crew just for her, even though it is a great model. And so I picked up this lady, a proxy so perfect people tend to find it more confusing when I explain it isn't the read thing. 


I'll try to get the rest of the rat crew photographed shortly. As always comments and criticism are welcome. 

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This is a splendid thread -- I am very fond of, or sometimes even prefer many metal miniatures (personal taste, not merit: the plastic miniatures are beautifully crafted), indeed the metal Coppelius is my favourite Malifaux miniature of any material and these are well done. 

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The last of my Outcasts (I think). Long term forumites may remember these from back in the mist of time when I initially painted them.





Think I'm nearly through my back catalogue now. Pressure is on to get something new painted!

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