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Da Git

New model ideas/concepts/wishlisting

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Shamelessly stealing this from the Arcanists forums, this for any cool ideas for future models that you'd like to see.

One idea/sub-theme I'd like to see expanded upon is Misaki's ninja-esque theme she had going on with Torakage and Ansatsu-sha (snipers).

Something like a rare 1, enforcer model.  High stats/low wounds, unburies near his target & gets + :ToS-Crow: when attacking the target to the the Assassinate Trigger.

Ninja/Katanaka Assassin/Name Place holder - 7ss

Df7  Wp6  Wd5  Wk6  Ch8  Ht2


Disguised: This model may not be targeted by the Charge action.

Unknown Target: After Deploying, secretly note one of your opposing Enforcer, Henchmen or Master Models to be the Ninja's Unknown Target.  When this model charges the Unknown Target, reveal it and this model receives +:ToS-Crow: to all attack flips against the Unknown target.

Unseen Assassin: This model may start the game buried.  At the start of the turn, before flipping for Initiative, you may unbury this model within 6" of an Enemy model from the Designated Target.

Relentless Assassin: This model may charge the Unknown Target even when engaged with other models.


(1) Ninjato (Ml6 / Rg1 / Rst: Df): Targets suffers 2/3/5 damage.  Damage from this weapon ignores armour.

  • :ToS-Crow::ToS-Mask: Assassinate: Same as Misaki's
  • :ToS-Crow: Poisoned Edge: After Damaging, target gains Poison +2

(0) Blow Dart (Sh 6 / Rst: Df / Rg: :ToS-Range:6): Target model gains Slow.


I dunno, something along those lines... But would love to hear some cool thoughts or concepts!

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