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Hello from Yorkshire, UK

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Hi everyone.

I've recently returned to painting miniatures after a 15 year hiatus for one simple reason... Malifaux! 

There's just so many awesome models and this game blends everything I like in such a fabulous way. I can't think of any other game which incorporates Wild West, Victorian, Gothic, Steampunk and more than a sprinkling of Lovecraftian Horror. From an artistic point of view Malifaux certainly appeals to me, but that also makes it really hard to choose. For the moment I've gone for a Seamus box and some Dead Doxies, as well as a Colette box, Angelica and a Coryphee Duet simply because I want to paint them. No idea what the ultimate game plan will be as far as faction goes but I think I am definitely leaning heavily towards Ressers considering how many of the masters I like and the limited edition models I purchased in the Easter Sale. 

At present I live out in the frontier, in other words a rural area in the middle of nowhere. Sadly this means I have no opportunity to play until later in the year when I hopefully move into the city. So for the moment I've perfectly happy painting the models I like, reading the Malifaux rules and lore in the books, as well as enjoying all the helpful posts and podcasts. At least it's starting to read less like gibberish these days so I must be learning something. :D

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