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Day of the Wyrd 3 @ The Outpost Sheffield 28th Oct 2018

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Hi Malifolk

Day of the Wyrd 3
Sunday 28th October 2018
At the Outpost Unit 2 Kingfisher Works S3 8AU
Registration 9.30am, 1st Intiative flip 10.00am.

Format - 
Fixed Faction 3 Round Event played using 50SS crews.

Schemes and Strategies
Round 1
Flank Deployment
Public Executions
Eliminate the Leadership
Set Up
Inescapable Trap
Take Prisoner
Public Demonstration

Round 2
Standard Deployment
Ply for Information
Surround Them
Hold Up Their Forces
Undercover Entourage
Show Of Force
Take One For The Team

Round 3
Corner Deployment
Supply Wagons
Guarded Treasure
Dig Their Graves
Search The Ruins
Recover Evidence

There is scrip for everyone!
Using a fully painted crew (three colours+) gets you a raffle ticket for a mystery box
Alt Stat card for the first person to kill the opposition Master.
Most VP Scored with best positive score.  
Voucher prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd ££££ to spend in The Outpost.
Best in Faction trophies!

Events for the remainder of the year

Sunday 22nd April 50ss Fixed Faction "Attack on the Outpost

Sunday 20th May 50ss Fixed Master++ "A Fist full of Soulstones"

Sunday 24th June 50ss Fixed Faction - Charity Fund raising for Weston Park Hospital "Seize the Day"

Sunday 29th July 50ss Fixed Faction "Soulstone Rush"

Sunday 26th August 50ss Fixed Faction "Rise of a Tyrant"

Sunday 23rd September 50ss Fixed Master "The Quick and the Wyrd"

Sunday 28th October 50ss Fixed Faction "Day of the Wyrd 3"

Sunday 2nd December 50ss Fixed Faction "Wyrd Saddles 3"

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