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Cow Wars 5 Charity - MK - 6th May SOLD OUT

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Building on the success of last year's event we will be returning to Moulsoe near Milton Keynes and making the most of the hire of the hall by extending to 4 rounds.

We will again be raising money for local charity Willen Hospice through entry fee, raffle and auction - and a cake sale if people are willing to donate.

Format will be 4 rounds 50SS fixed faction with a limit of 42 places to retain the comfortable space and noise levels from last year. Instead of best painted I'm looking for the best Supply Wagon in theme with your crew.

Entry will be £15 and details of how to pay and other details can be found here; https://www.dropbox.com/s/a673rou62azi33w/Rules Pack - Cow Wars 5 - May18.pdf?dl=0 


  1. Craig Colley
  2. Stef McGlen
  3. Sean Wheeliker
  4. AJ Barr
  5. Rich Walters
  6. Grant Dickenson
  7. Rik Phillips
  8. Oz Goff
  9. Tom Trigg
  10. Owen Pauling
  11. Bert Diamond
  12. Karl McConnell
  13. Shaun Moran
  14. Jay Malone
  15. Mr Malone Snr
  16. Mike Elvins
  17. Steve Johnston
  18. Luke Cocksedge
  19. Dan Humpage
  20. Paul Butler
  21. Phil Parker
  22. Kevin Woodward
  23. Jon Cooper (Kohrin Soulez)
  24. Craig Woods
  25. Declan Larcombe
  26. Matt Lewin
  27. Tim Brown
  28. Martin Wodehouse
  29. Johnathan Clarke
  30. Thomas Alan
  31. Jake Demister
  32. Richard Matthews
  33. George Hollingdale
  34. Chris Draper
  35. Darren Pebody
  36. Max Pebody
  37. Rich Bream
  38. Lucas Rozanski
  39. James Marlowe
  40. Alex Killen
  41. Carl Lee
  42. Kevin Gillett

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5 hours ago, Necron jay said:

Paid jay malone. Paid for two as I'm playing ten thunders and my dad is playing neverborn so the second one is for him. Looking forward to it.

Does Malone Snr have a name?

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On ‎4‎/‎9‎/‎2018 at 8:10 PM, shakes1066 said:

Paid - Luke Cocksedge will talk to Martin to see if he is free

@shakes1066 - sorry Luke can't see any payment from you.

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Payday is 27th I will be paying then if any free spots. 😉 after listening to Welsh GT podcast need me some malifaux sh*t's and giggles.


Jon Cooper

Aka KohrinSoulez 

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