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H: LE Models and Foil Cards W: Selected Models or $$

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Hi all

I still have a few extra LE models and foil cards that I don't need and I'd love to trade. I live in the US so good old $$ are always an option, otherwise I'm looking for a few selected models (below).

- LE Miss Fire (alt Willie)
- LE Katanaka Sniper
- LE Johana
- LE Translucent Pink Dreamer Crew
- LE Malifaux Child
- Sonnia Criid Foil card
- Kirai Foil card
- Mei Feng Foil card
- Dead Doxy x1 

- Flying Piglets
- Serena Bowman
- Big Brain Brin
- Bandersnatch
- Gunsmiths

I could use Akaname and Tanuki too, but I'm not playing Brewmaster much lately so that's not so important.

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