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Fears Given Forms : A Malifaux Tournament in Chile


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Hello. We will have a 3 round Malifaux tournament on April 8th at Er Limbo Club at 11:00. The club is located at av. Paul Harris (Sur) 1000, Las Condes. The format will be GG2018, with the exception that models do not need to be painted. Participation will cost $3000, with a possible partial reimbursement depending on the number of players.

Strats and schemes for the tournament will be:

Round 1
Standard deployment
Schemes : Surround them, Covert Breakthrough, Show of Force, Vendetta, Public Demonstration

Round 2
Ply for information
Flank deployment
Schemes : Surround them, Covert Breakthrough, Undercover Entourage, Take one for the Team, Public Demonstration

Round 3
Close deployment
Schemes : Eliminate the leadership, Hold up their Forces, Search the Ruins, Take Prisonner, Recover Evidence

Please contact me if you want to register for the event.

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