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Ironsides vs Hamelin

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Just to revive this thread again and to give you something to smirk about i had to face hamelin yesterday with a bunch of his fellow rats and some stolen kids.

Strat: Extraction, but GG18 Schemes like: Show of Force, Punish the weak, search the ruins, dig their graves and other things no one of us took :D. I went with punish and show, he chose search and dig.

It was a game to give my opponent a better feeling of what his crew can do and prepare him for the upcoming tournament, which is why we chose extraction, so he could concetrate on his Master and how to play him well.

His crew:

Hamelin: Piper, Black Pits, another upgrade

Nix: With the fast upgrade

Rusty Alyce

Big Jake




My crew: Ironsides: Veteran Fighter, Union President, Warding Runes

Joss: Warding Runes

Amina Naidu

3x Ox mages without regen upgrade

Steam Fitter

Electrical Creation

Ironsides was pretty much irgnored, because my opponent knew that she would be a desaster to take down with warding runes and the ability to ignore conditions from enemies, while having 6 Stones to use for prevention and armor and reinforced armor. Se, he decided very early to ignore her completely.

Having the black pits upgrade was very annoying and some of my models were effected by those blighted conditions very early.

So turn 1:

Turn 1 i pushed my ox mages with another ox mage around dealing 1 dmg to each of them and getting them into position, while the steamfitter picked up a 12 and reinforced ironsides with armor and the sheet armor. Electrical creation activated and damaged Joss, Amina and the 3rd ox mage.

On his side he "lured" a ox mage forward into a pit and set up his killjoy delivery for turn 2, because i gave him no opening. My ox mages casted furiously on hamelin, but only taking 2-3 Stones away from him and 2 dmg. Ironsides had to go forward and protect the mages with her challene, without doing any further actions. Amina and Joss went into position. After findoing out which one was the "bad" ox mage that denied conditions, he focused him and he got blighted 4 pretty early in the game. Rusty alice tried to shoot him, but he went into cover and amina protected him further more with a little bit of damage on her.

No scores.

Turn 2:

Turn 2 i went full bonkers and charged into hamelin with ironsides to hit him without big succes (small mistake here was, that i wasn`t able to end a charge near hamelin, which would have resulted in 1 less attack, we both overlooked, but learned), my adrenalin was at 3 after successfully hitting him once with a trigger and challenging everyone around them. Hamelin took another 2 wounds. He went for some stolen to protect him and give him more options to spread the blight. After softening up his Nix i was able to finish him off. Ox Mages were superb with Ca actions and furious spellcasting against him. But before i was able to take Nix out he decided to give his malifaux rat fast and ran 15' to a position where he could deliver killjoy. I immediately activated Amina Naidu and filed a Suit against this serial killer, which was successfully taken in and killjoy had no opportunity to attack anyone else except for my master, which he overlooked (and me also) which resulted in him charging a malifaux rat he was unable to kill with a 1 and a BJ, which was pretty nice for him. I positioned joss again (and pretty stupidly) outside of the show of force zone. Hamelin got more rats and had 3 stolen around at the end of the turn. My electrical creation was just running around, never close to accomplish anything else, than dealing damage to the own crew for ironsides Aura. We both scored Extraction. Steamfitter ran along and Amina was backing up the ox mages.

Both score extraction.

Turn 3: I won initiative and immediately went for Amina using her 0 against Big Jake, who was stand atop and scoring extraction on his own. Amina managed to make him a peon and thus killing his value for extraction, while also enabling me the option to score more punish. (TIP: If you can go for punish the weak and have the chance to make an enemy a peon which you want to kill any way, GO FOR IT! Amina is GREAT atpunishing the weak, even though she helps the workers out in court ^^). Amina took a step back and filed another suit against Killjoy with a 13 of books in hand but...black jokered it...which was devastating for me!. Killjoy immediately charged amina, she took 4 damage, prevented 2 and was pushed away from him. Killjoy followed with a walk and engaged another ox mage with it. Ironsides returned the favour, activated (4 Adrenalin) and took another shot of 4 more adrenaline from enemies (8 adrenalin). We had some spectators and one was on the way to go but wanted to see how this would turn out against a stolen protected hamelin. My opponent was pretty sure that hamelin would survive this beating and grinned, while i grinned because i knew i was PUMPED with adrenalin. So, the beating began. First attack failed, 2nd hit with another shot of adrenaline [9], no triggers. Third attack hit and i spend a stone to get the trigger. 2 damage and a follow-up uppercut [7]. Was on melee 8, so i hit. Hamelin took another 4 damage and prevented 1. Trigger to attack again [5]. Hit with soul stoned trigger to attack again [3]. Hamelin had to use 1 stolen to heal up again. I hit again with my uppercut for another 5. Another Stolen gone. Used the trigger to attack again and managed to deal another 4 damage on him. He took a look if the 3rd stolen was in range, but wasn`t. So he gathered up his bits and died to a adrenalin pumped ironsides which released a flurry of attacks. Myopponent was pretty impressed and said "I didn`t expect that to happen to be honest." It was very, very close and i was lucky enough to trade enough blows to kill him. My back-up plan was joss to charge in, who was in position and ready to rescue the day, but with 3 min and medium damage, it was 2 hits for every stolen healing hamelin. Joss took out the last stolen which paralyzed Amina Naidu.

He activated rusty alyce and attacked the blood ward mage with her pistol. Amina always took damage to give her another -flip, which was successful and saved the heavily blighted ox mage on 1 Wd. He managed to kill my oxmage with the last stolen, because amina was on 1 Wd and couldn`t give him the -flip. This opened all of my models up for blighted and it was spreading like HELL! Having Challenge up helped A LOT! and saved me a lot of good cards, whilemy opponent had 1 less AP or 1 less high card. I LOVE challenge on ironsides!

Scores: 1 for punish, 1 for extraction - opponent none

3-1 for Ironsides

Turn 4: Ironsides used her other 0 to be placed close to rusty alyce and began with another beating on her which resulted in a red joker on damage after 2 succesfull hits and cleared her off the board. Maybe it would have been better to use "are you looking at me" for this purpose, but i was in an adrenalin rush. Joss charged into killjoy and gave him quite a beating, which left him at 3 Wds. Killjoy took revenge on Amina and killed her off with 1 attack, while 1 oxmage ran away. Big Jake took a "diving charge" not a real one but flying from atop on joss was pretty divy in our opinion and rammed his axe into joss`s back with a red joker cheated on damage and getting him to 1 Wd. The 2nd attack finished him off and denied me further points for show of force. The Ox Mage took a furious casting and managed to soften up killjoy again for the fitter to sweep him off the board.

Scoring: 1 for extraction, 1 for punish for Ironsides, none for my opp.


Turn 5: Now that Big Jake was unable to come back and count for the Strat, i immediately charged him and took him down. Another PEON killed.

Scoring: 1 for punish, 1 Extraction

Final Score 7 - 1

I hope pretty much that i recalled everything as detailed as possible and didn`t miss anything. We had TONS of fun and were laughing nearly all game long ^^. It was just hilarious and we exchanged some strats and tips, so he was prepared for the upcoming tournament. Except for doing 1-2 mistakes we both overlooked it was a very clean, fair and nice game. Inmidst of the game i forgot my 2nd scheme and didn`t announce it, which is why i do it know in retrospective. I hope my opponent will understand it :).

Always nice to play against this opponent :).

I hope you guys enjoyed it and had some fun reading it :).

See you in the bayou!

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