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Impromptu demos in Christchurch, mainly Thursdays

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Updated 18/6/18

I can be found most Thursdays at Christchurch Wargaming Club nights at Woolston Club between 6 and 10pm, wearing my henchman shirt. I'm happy to give demos on game nights but can also do demos at the Cavaliers Club or at Comics Compulsion on days other than club nights. Logan, one of the owners of Comics Compulsion, has a crew of his own and I try to keep supplies at the store so feel free to talk to him about the game or a demo as well (store activity allowing obviously). As long as there is table space available there we're always welcome to play.

There is a facebook group called Christchurch Malifaux Crew, feel free to reach out to me through there or join the group to talk to the other players in the area.

Upcoming events:
Gangs of Malifaux, A Shifting Loyalties campaign starting ?? We tried to start the campaign at what seemed to have been a very busy time for many and with 1 game in 4 weeks I decided to postpone it until such time that people have more time.
Nyctofauxbia I, 40 ss Tournament, tentatively on July 14th (details to come)


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