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Aionus Model (is this normal?)

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So, I bought Aionus just before Christmas and only just got chance to unwrap and begin to basecoat him.  Before I do though, I just want to query a few patches of the model that are not up to the usual standards from Wyrd.  Did anyone else have these problems with the model, are they normal on this particular model?

Firstly there is quite a step (and gap) in the cloak.  It's as if it has been glued before dry fitting and adjusting.  I was expecting it to be a single cast model so this was a bit of a surprise.  In fact, there is quite a gap underneath along the cloak too that needs filling in.   The detail on the left of the clock is nearly invisible to the naked eye.  I'm pretty certain that after priming, any detail there will be gone.  There is quite a scuff on the cloak and the top left corner of the clock as well.  Bit of plastic been taken out in both places.  Finally, it is shiny in parts and dull in others.  Is this some kind of agent used in the manufacturing process?  I've never seen it on a wyrd model before.  

So, is this the norm for this model?  Do they all come a bit scuffed and badly put together?  To be honest, I've never once been disappointed by a wyrd minature until tonight when I opened this one.  




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