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[SOLD OUT] English GT 8th and 9th September Wayland games

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If anyone knows of someone looking to join in, please shout. I have Lukas wanting to play too but really want to stick to even numbers

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Morning folks.

Hope the hangovers aren't too bad?!

If anyone is staying in town and driving to the event and could give me a lift would appreciate it.

I am at university of Essex, University Square 36 Queens Road, Southend-on-Sea, SS1 1BF.

I can walk to meet anywhere.

Only have internet whilst here though.



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Hi Wyrdos,

I will start with a shout to anyone who is browsing these forums with a view to taking up the game of Malifaux.

I am a fairly new player, 18 games played. I attended this event and through all my games was coached, supported and had great fun, despite the losses, this community is exactly what you would ever want from a plunge into a new wargame, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Which leads me onto some thank yous.

Too many to name individually, however, the organiser, Fanteegi aka Troy, helped me get around, secure things I didn't own and certainly spent time helping me when he had scores of nerds to look after as a big event like this needs, thank you dude.

My first opponent, baptism of fire as it turns out, a former UK number 1, who in beating me showed me that fun and points can be scored as a newb even against top players, Jamie Varney, thank you.

Toby aka  Pinnochio here, a fellow Collodi enthusiast who also helped me despite it being against his best interests.

Ofc there is many more.

Thank you for a cracking wkd and I really look forward to my next event, the Nationals...……...models will be painted and there will be Marrionette's!


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I would also like to thank Troy Fanteegi for an outstanding job organizing the tournament and helping me out the whole weekend, for organizing a great dinner on Friday. Met lots of people this weekend who were all class acts!

Special thanks have to go out to George Hollingydale for lending me his Cojo (who helped me out on my 3rd game, even though he almost killed my own Arcane Emissary and that would have cost me the game due to Take one for The Team) and for showing me just how good Kaeris can be. I took a lot of learning from my game against you, specially to remember my Ironsides was inmune to gaining burning... :D

Also to Clousseau who had promised me an unpainted Slate Ridge Mauler but took the effort to paint it and lend it to me, a real gentleman and I look forward to meeting you again at the UK Nationals, and to AJ who lend me the card for the Malifaux Child.

All my games were a lot of fun and all my opponents were awesome.

Hope to see you all at the UK Nationals in November!

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