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Sphere's Given Form: Tinker, Taelor 2 - 18th August 2018

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Tinker, Taelor, Soldier, Spy returns with Tinker, Taelor 2: this is a beginner friendly tournament at Dark Sphere in the heart of London. This will be a sixteen player, three round, fixed faction event. Strategies and Schemes are pre-determined and are revealed below. If there is sufficient demand, we may be able to expand beyond 16 players.

Tournament Pack can be found here

Dark Sphere is located close to Lambeth North underground station, or a short walk from Waterloo station.

To make the event as accessible as possible for new players I have built in an extra fifteen minutes to the round time – if you are an experienced player that feels this unnecessary, I recommend using the extra time to practise trash talking your opponent... There will also be an award for the best placed “new” player to keep things interesting. To remove as much pressure on new players as possible, the strategies and schemes we will be using for the event are included below.


Tournament Schedule

Each game will last two hours and fifteen minutes including set-up.

10:30-11:00          Registration

11:00-13:15          Game 1: Ours // Flank Deployment

                                Guarded Treasure / Set Up / Hold Up Their Forces / Inescapable Trap / Vendetta

13:15-14:00          Lunch & Painting Competition

14:00-16:15          Game 2: Public Executions // Corner Deployment

                                Eliminate the Leadership / Dig Their Graves / Undercover Entourage / Search the Ruins / Take Prisoner

16:25-18:40          Game 3: Guard the Stash // Standard Deployment

                                Guarded Treasure / Dig Their Graves / Show of Force / Take One for the Team / Recover Evidence

18:40-19:00          Clear-up and prizes


In the event of odd numbers of participants, a ringer will be available who will not score tournament points.

Tickets are available from the Dark Sphere website, priced at £10 each. Go to: www.darksphere.co.uk

Hoping you can make it down and join us for a fun day of flipping cards! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on the Wyrd Forums (@Skitt_Happens) or on the Dark Sphere Malifaux Facebook group.

Many thanks



1. AJ Barr

2. Luke Grundy

3. John Burgess

4. Luke Athiko

5. Tobias Dracup

6. Rob Jones

7. Troy Ashdown

8. Andy Bradshaw

9. Reice Chaudhry

10. Leo Rautonen

11. James Henley

12. Samuel Thompson

13. Nick Featherstone

14. James Trevallion



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Attendees updated

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On 7/5/2018 at 10:48 PM, Skitt_Happens said:

Not actually on sale yet - had a rough couple of months - will look to get this live as soon as possible 

hey Tom is this tournament definitely going ahead now? And am I correct in thinking it's on the 19th?

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I'm just finalising details, so about 95% certain it is happening. It will be Saturday 18th - I may have got the date wrong in other places, getting confused with last year's event which was 19th.

Hopefully updating by the end of the week.

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2 minutes ago, Skitt_Happens said:

Apologies for the delay, Peeps, Tinker Taelor 2 is now on sale - details above.

Will buy my ticket on Friday when I get paid. Save me a space. 

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Despite falling a little short of our target for trophies and prizes, I have been given some budget for trophies and a prize kit is on order - fingers crossed it arrives in time with the post Gen-con deliveries!

Attendee list has been updated.

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Updated attendee list - we are now down to the last 2 tickets! Thanks so much everyone!

Having had a quick look at the rankings I have decided to make a slight adjustment to the Welcome To Malifaux award: I am raising the rankings point cap for eligability from 50 to 55. There were a few people who I felt fit the criteria of what I wanted this award to promote that were missing out at 50 and are now included at 55. Also want to keep the award competitive. 

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