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Dreaming of a Rube Goldberg

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I've started assembling my dreamer crew, separately I've been trying to find a use for some of the models in the starter set which set off a chain of theorising and now there's a dreamer Rube Goldberg crew that I want to build and experiment with.



Dreamer - dreams of pain & on wings of darkness


Serena Bowman - A thousand faces


Mr tannen



7ss still to spend and still have Max cache


Core machine:

A thousand faces on Serena bowman means if she dies first turn then the dreamer gets an extra (1) action, this means dreamer could summon 4 things, release chompy and come back onto the board with waking zero and maximum heals for the 4 summons.


Feeding the contraption:

To summon 4 things would mean a massive drain on cards. To satisfy this the bloodwretch's the rage builds ability let's you draw 2 cards and discard 1 card and does +1 damage. Using a Doppleganger to copy this ability Serena bowman can be hit twice doing 4 damage to her and drawing 4 cards and discarding 2.

Then the bloodwretchs can do the same once each with one of them hitting and killing Serena netting another 4 cards and discarding 2.

With wings of darkness and stoning turn 1 that's 17 cards in the deck you can cycle through and keep 10 cards in your hand.


Going further down the rabbit hole:

With drawing that many cards a quick check of a hypergeomtic probability and you've got a 53% chance of drawing at least one of the two cards needed to summon a teddy turn 1. So I threw Mr tannen in the list.


Optional complexity:

Say you have the dreamer activite before you kill Serena (only drawing 15 of the potential 17 cards), then after dreamer activates Serena could activate to put black blood on any teddy or coppelius. She can also try and heal and remove slow from 2 of the summons.

If Teddy activates after the dreamer has been resummoned by lord chompy bits then you'll have a full health turn just by activating at the start of turn 2 near dreamer.


Superfluous extras:

Not really sure what to take with the last 7 stones to finish off the list.

An extra two daydreams could give some more activation control, letting you push dreamer if you wanted to summon a bit further up the board and give some extra masks for dreamers summons.

Pact might be good for dreamer as missing a summon would kill any healing from this plan turn 1.

Doppleganger could take a thousand faces and the switch for pact drawing an extra card and ensuring her mimic doesn't black joker.

Then maybe an alp to round it out?


Things to be disregarded for proper machine operation:

So there's a few weaknesses I can already see in this list:

1) Alpha strikes, there's not really anything in the list to respond to that.

2) Lots of activations along with the ability to reach out and plink off the summons while they're on 1 damage while chompy bits and others activate.

3) Black Jokers, a black joker on the summons would ruin your day, potentially add pact to the dreamer.

4) Board position, there's a large chunk of the crew (Doppleganger, Serena bowman and 2x bloodwretchs) that are not leaving the deployment zone turn 1, this is sacrificed to get extra cards and summon harder. Empty night might be able to help with this.


Now I just need to finish building the crew.

So I know it's a bit of a complex and skewed list but I'm excited to try it, anyone have any thoughts or comments? Any ideas on what to take with he last few ss to finish the list? 

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I've thought about a similar list, but with another main theme. With your ideas, it's gonna be like:

50 SS Neverborn Crew
Dreamer + 4 Pool
 - Dreams of Pain (5)
 - Otherworldly (2)
 - Pact (1)
Malifaux Child (3)
Mysterious Emissary (10)
 - Warped Reality (1)
Doppleganger (7)
Serena Bowman (7)
 - A Thousand Faces (1)
Mr. Tannen (6)
 - Useless Duplications (1)
Bloodwretch (5)

With Child copying Playtime and using it on Dopel, you could draw 3 cards and discard one each time you harm Serena. It means you could boost your hand up to 12 cards (6+4+1+1) against 11with two wreches. 

The main negative is that you will lack summoning daydreams. But I think it's worth it.

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Dreamer +dreams of pain +pact +6 stones cache

Student of conflict





Aionus - lets models go fast which will cycle out cards that can't be used for summons

You don't have Serena to beat on so it gets tricky. Dopple can activate and ditch an 8 to go fast, smack the student, and then 1 bloodwretch twice, draw 6 cards and drop 3

Bloodwretch can activate and heal 3, drop a 6 to go fast, smack the other Bloodwretch and Aionus for 4 card drawn and 2 discard

2nd Bloodwretch activates, heals to full, drop 6 for fast, smack 1st Tannen and Aionus for 4 card draw 2 discard

Tannen and Aionus will heal 3 when activating.. Student heals up and makes Dreamer fast.

You will have drawn 14 cards, discarded 7, and used a 6,6,8 and 7+ tome for Dopple Mimic. Hopefully the 9 cards in hand can summon 4 things

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Nice idea. But i'd suggest targeting the student with all of Dopel's attacks - since she has Armour and will only get 1 damage from each one.

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21 hours ago, Colonel Sanders said:

Student of conflict

 Student heals up and makes Dreamer fast.

If you could add the student on top of the thousand faces +1 action, then you could have 5 summons on turn 1 : P

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