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Wong Vs Yan Lo

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Strategy: Symbols of Authority (Masks)
  * Punish the Weak (Masks) (both picked)
  * Covert Breakthrough (1) (Gremlins Picked)
  * Dig Their Graves (2)
  * Hold Up Their Forces (4)
  * Take Prisoner (9)

Wong + 3 Pool
 - A Gremlin's Luck (1)
 - Explosive Solutions (2)
 - Do Over (1)
Old Cranky (4)
Sammy LaCroix (7) (glowy target)
 - Ooo Glowy (1)
Merris LaCroix (6)
Swine-Cursed (7)
Swine-Cursed (7)
Slop Hauler (5)
Slop Hauler (5)
Survivor (4)


Yan Lo 5SS
-Follow Their Footsteps
-Fortify the Spirit
Soul Porter
-Command the Graves
-my little helper
Anna Lovelace
-my little helper
-decaying aura
Sun Quiang

Okay boys, looks like those good for nothing diry rotten smelly ugly ten thunders are setting up some kind of ritual thingy. I say we set up our own ritual thingy, only ours will be bigger and better!! Also lets go stomp on theirs.

I deploy Sammy and Swine Curse on the left
Wong, Cranky and a Slop Hauler down the middle
Merris, Survivior, Swine cursed(2), slop hauler(2) down the right

Toshiro and Komainu deploy left
Yan Lo, Soul Porter, Goryo deploy center
Anna, Sun Quiang deploy right

The first turn mainly saw models trying to move into place. 
-Goryo summons a seishin and walks
-swine curse enjoys reckless(2) and regen to triple walk
-seishin walks
-Sammy walks
-Anna walks twice and vortex swirls swine curse(2) into the board edge. I BJ my defense flip
-Survivior recklessly walks
-Toshiro makes the Komainu fast and walks twice
-old cranky walks twice
-soul porter pushes Yan Lo to start threatning my crew then walks
-slop hauler walks by old cranky
-Yan places the soul porter and discards for chi. He attacks the Komainu but BJ the damage. Heals goryo. Walks and attacks old cranky missing. Becomes ash ascendant 
-Slop hauler(2) recklessly walks by survivior and swine cursed(2)
-Sun Quiang walks
-Wong triple walks to set himself up next turn
-Komainu walks
-swine cursed reckless and regens it to walk and charges the Komainu who can't stand up to his glowy claws of Gremlin magic
-Merris not wanting to try and sneak past anna lovelace and Yanlo triple walks moving more to the center of the board


"Okay boys we got em right where we want them. Lets show them our supiorior magic and......what is that smoke?"
Both My Little Helpers are activated to prevent me shooting Anna and Toshiro and I RJ the init flip to start in style
-Wong walks to get clear LOS to Goryo and seishin. First attack hits and kills the seishin getting me 1VP. 2nd attack hits the goryo and pulses 2dmg to the soul porter getting me an extra attack which misses the soul porter.
-Toshiro uses the scrap of the dead Komainu to summon another Komainu and makes it fast and the goryo fast
-Swine cursed rekills the formerly dead Komainu and walks
-Goryo charges Wong hitting for weak, missing, weak (Wong squeels away) and uses 0 for another weak damage.
-Old cranky walks to better support Wong
-Anna misses shooting swine cursed(2)
-Slop hauler heals wong for 2
-Soul porter walks and pushes Toshiro 
-Sammy walks twice (dang my little helper) but threatens the left symbol next turn
-Yan Lo heals soul porter, walks, shoots slop hauler(2) for moderate and BJ the next attack. Becomes spirit ascended
-Slop Hauler(2) heals self for 2 and survivior for full
-Sun Quiang walks to put my 3 models in his aura
-survivor fails to pass the test and gains slow but reckless to get 2AP. Fails to transform so walks and attacks Sun Quiang missing
-Swine cursed(2) passes the test and reckless. Walks and turns into a pig. Charges Yan Lo hitting weak (SS prevent all) and hitting another weak with the ram trigger (SS prevent 2). Since he is within 3" of Anna Love Lace he charges her hitting moderate (SS prevent 2) and severe (SS prevent 3)
-Merris reckless and flies up to threaten center symbol next turn

Score 1 - 0

"Good job swine cursed(2)!! keep putting magic pressure on Fan Fo and he have this"
I SS for cards
-Anna tries to vortex my swine cursed(2) away but I cheat hi to prevent this. She fails at knifing him
-Merris gets the center symbol
-Toshiro charges Sammy hitting weak (SS prevent all) and weak again
-Swine curse(2) reckless attacks anna for weak and 2nd attack I cheat in the RJ to kill her and get the ram trigger to charge Yan Lo (opponent forgot to place a mindless zombie which probably would have changed a lot depending on placement). Against Yan Lo he hits for a moderate, weak and misses
-Goryo charges and kills old cranky :(
-Survivior passes the test this turn and hits Sun for weak and misses the next 2 attacks
-soul porter walks to engage merris and pushes Yan Lo into cover from Wong but still engaged with swine cursed(2)
-Wong demonstrates why he doesn't give his experiments names and shoots into combat using Gremlin's luck to hit the swine cursed for weak, uses do over for a free attack which again "randomizes" on the swine cursed (BJ on the randomization also) but I miss that attack. 2nd AP I randomize again on the swine cursed and this time get the severe on the swine cursed killing him and Yan Lo with the blast damage. Last AP he attacks the goryo for weak
-Sun Quiang heals my models and then fails to do damage to them
-Swine cursed charges Yan Lo and RJ damage killing him and his summoned mindless zombie.

Opponent surrenders at this point.


Wong surveys the aftermath of the battle, satisfied that his magic ritual thingy was a lot more impressive then what ramined for Dan Mo's ritual thingy. Unfortunately he had to sacrifice a usefully experiment to achieve victory, but that left an opening in his crew and that survivior was looking like a pretty good candidate.



MVPs of the game were my 2 swine cursed. Bouncing between Anna Lovelace and Yan Lo really killed the enemy crew. Props to Wong for finishing off Yan Lo by getting the blasts off my own models. 

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