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Malifool's Day!

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As part of NatCon 2018, I'm running a one day, three rounds, fixed Faction tournament of 'Faux!

Sunday 1st April, at the Hamilton Cosmopolitan Club, Waikato. Tourney will run from 9am - 6pm.

$25 entry, to be paid by Friday March 16th (only 2 weeks away!). Late entries accepted, with a $10 late fee.

Head HERE for the Registration Form and the Player Pack, and for more info.

We've got great prize support from Game Centre in Hamilton, and Mighty Ape is supplying vouchers to all entrants.

See you there!

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Roll up! Roll up! 

Only 5 more days to get in your registrations and entry fees for Malifool's Day! Pay up by Friday 16th March (THIS Friday!), to avoid the $10 late fee.

And abject, tear-flowing, bowel-loosening disappointment!!! 

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We're good to go! 6 players have signed up, so it'll be a small, intimate affair. I might bring some tealight candles and incense to create the "right" atmosphere... 


Today's the last day for late registrations, so if you've been sitting on the fence till now, head over to the website linked above and register! 

Strats & Schemes for the 3 rounds are as follows:

Round  1:
Symbols  of  Authority / Standard
 • Punish the  Weak (paired)
 • Covert  Breakthrough
 • Hold Up  Their Forces
 • Inescapable  Trap
 • Take Prisoner

Round  2: Ours / Flank
 • Guarded  Treasure  (paired)
 • Set Up
 • Search  The  Ruins
 • Take One  For  The  Team
 • Recover  Evidence 

Round  3: Public  Executions / Corner
 • Eliminate  the  Leadership  (paired)
 • Undercover Entourage
 • Dig  Their  Graves
 • Vendetta
 • Public  Demonstration

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