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Magical Shielding - duration

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Magical Shielding doesn't really specify a duration.

1) If a character applies it to themselves does it last until they use it on someone else (otherwise forever)?

2) Does it continue to work if the character who used it is Unconscious?

3) Is there a way to end it on another character?

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I suspect that it takes some measure of control to maintain otherwise it would not likely take a (1) action to activate and a (0) to end.  So I would figure it just a conscious focus.  At least as a Fatemaster that is how I would rule.  So not something you will go around keeping up all the time and something that would fail the moment you lost consciousness.  I mean you are not really keeping your attention on anything when you are passed out.  Now I imagine a character could apply it to someone before Dramatic time, in the same manner they could draw a weapon before hand *Building looks dangerous, draw your weapon and put up protection before going in*

Well it does give one condition for ending it, Line of Sight be broken.  So if you have a way to block LOS you could force it off someone.  Otherwise I don't think you can remove it as it is more them actively trying to protect someone then some sort of protective blanket you put overhead and forget about.  At least those are my thoughts as a Fatemaster but there are no hard rules so odds are it will be left up to the Fatemaster to call. 

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