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(Argentina) Tournament at Buenos Aires


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We will have a tournament on Saturday March 24th 2018 starting from 10:00 on at La Cueva del Enano (Thames 2162, Buenos Aires). There will be three rounds and we will play at GG17 (to say goodbye to that format), according to the pamphlet. We have slots for players , and the inscriptions are made by Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/301073956694327/ As we have space only to ten players, we have members that will have to wait for the next event! The prices will be Acrylic trophies and maybe some surprices... more info to come!!!

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And the Tournament has been played! 8 players have fought this time, with Arcanists and Neverborn being a plague to deal with, but not enough to stop the Guild to end up taking control of the situation!

Scheme markers: a gift for all participants

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Two arcanists fighting to see who could be the star of the show (Colette convinced Rasputina to let her be)

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Another Rasputina was trying to push away the Freikorps from the Little Kingdom, as Pandora dealt with Lilith.

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The ammount of umpainted miniatures was a bit sad, but something we had to accept, as it was the first tournament for many players.

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The Dark Carnival, the real star of the show, where the tournament was defined:

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La imagen puede contener: interior

La imagen puede contener: tabla e interior

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