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Cpt Sandwich

Lucid Visions @ Boards and Swords Hobbies, Derby 29/04/18

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Hey Wyrdo’s

We are pleased to announce the third of our once a month events.

Lucid Visions is a 1-day tournament on Sunday 29th April 2018.

We will be using Gaining Grounds 2018 for strategies and schemes and will be a ranked 50ss fixed faction event.

The venue is Board and Swords Hobbies, 3 Jubilee Parkway, Jubilee Business Park, Stores Road, Derby DE21 4BJ.

This is a new venue, with lots of space and natural light, capable of hosting 30+ players.

Tickets will be sold via the store website and will cost £15 each, we will provide a buffet lunch as part of the entry fee.  Hot and cold drinks can be purchased instore.


There will be trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and a Wooden Spoon. We will also be looking at best painted and best in faction.  There will be additional prize support in the form of store credit.

The competition will be 3 x 2-hour 15-minute rounds, this includes 15 minutes of set up time.  A ten-minute warning will be provided towards the end and when time is called you will finish the current activation and complete any scoring.  The strategies and schemes will be predawn for the event and published a week before.



10:00 - Registration

10.30 - Game 1

12.45 - Lunch

13.15 - Game 2

15.45 - Game 3

18.00 - Prizes


Set your sat navs for 3 Jubilee Parkway rather than the store, they try to take you through the council works.  The venue is next door to “Yes Electrical”.  There is a large and free car park.

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Hi all

Really sorry for the delay, not been well.

There should be a good showing from the club, lots of new starters though so plenty of opportunity for a few scalps. 

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would be nice to know solid numbers if travelling. 

also is their a painting requirement?

going to see if I can get a pass for it (as I am already going to cow wars the following weekend). try something new and different for me (depending on paint requirement)

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Morning all

We currently have  players for this event so if anyone was unsure and you still want to attend then please pickup a ticket, the event will be running :)


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The Strats and Schemes for this weekend are:

Game 1

Deployment: Flank

Strategy: Symbols of Authority

Schemes: Punish the weak, Undercover Entourage, Show of Force, Public Demonstration and Hold up Their Forces.


Game 2

Deployment: Standard

Strategy: Ours

Schemes: Guarded Treasure, Recover Evidence, Dig Their graves, Search the Ruins and Take Prisoner.


Game 3

Deployment: Corner

Strategy: Public Executions

Schemes: Eliminate the Leadership, Public demonstration, Inescapable Trap, Recover Evidence and Vendetta.

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Thank you to everyone who attended, it was a pleasure to meet you all.

1st - Steve Johnston

2nd - Alex Billing

3rd - Tommy Brown

Most Sporting - Philip Dyke

Best Painted - Peter Wakefield

Best Ressurectionist - Steve Johnston

Best Arcanist - Alex Billing

Best Outcast - Tommy Brown

Best Neverborn - Peter Wakefield

Best Guild - David Brown




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