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Merseyfaux 3 , Sunday 29th April

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Justplaygames have moved to new bigger premises (ground floor of new building, see Facebook event page for pics) and are allowing me to run Merseyfaux 3 

Facebook event and ticket link here


Tickets also from here 



This is a GG2018 event with registration from 10am


Cost - £12.50 in advance 


10.30am - Round 1

12.40pm - Lunch and best crew - trophy for winnner and runner up

1.30pm - Round 2 

3.45pm - Round 3

6pm - Awards presentation 

Will be raffling some mystery boxes and possibly other prizes based on  umber of sign ups too. It is unlikely I will have enough guilders for all participants due to the continued wyrd shortage though 

Strategy and Schemes as follows 

Round 1

OURS, Flank Deployment

Guarded Treasure, Covert Breakthrough, Undercover Entourage, Show of force, Take one for the team


Round 2

PLY FOR INFORMATION, Standard deployment 

Surround them, Dig their graves, Undercover Entourage, Take one for the team, Recover evidence 

Round 3 

SUPPLY WAGONS, Corner deployment 

Guarded Treasure, Inescapable trap, Search the ruins, Recover evidence, Public demonstration 


Thanks, Kevin

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1 Adam Bone

2 Greg Piskosz

3 Radek Bry

4 Martin Wodehouse

7 James Crosby

8 Gordon Barlow

9 Emma Newham

10 Alyx Drake

11 Danny Moss - paying on day

12 Kyle Douglas 

13 Carl Lee

14 Craig Colley - paying on day

15 Gareth Hirst - paying on day 

16 Luke Cocksedge 











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3 hours ago, shakes1066 said:

How are you getting there?

Some guy in a dodgy hat will be chauffeuring him

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So with 4 unfortunate dropouts we had 14 players 


1st ... Alyx Drake - outcasts (Leviticus all day)

2nd ... Radek Bry - outcasts (viks, parker barrows twice)

3rd ... Emma Newham - Arcanists (Sandeep)

Spoon - Danny Moss


Best painted - Carl Lee

Painted runner up - Emma Newham


Favourite opponent - Emma Newham 

Full results are attached



Massive thanks for the support and more locals have defo promised to be present next time... pencilled win for July and tbc soon


Any feedback as usual would be great


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Same really as the last event regarding feedback and that would be to see if the venue could provide more space between those playing in the tournament and those playing card games. The first two banks of tables were fine but the third (around the middle of the store) were really tight in terms of space and throughout the last game I was bumped into by card gamers moving around numerous times and their level of volume made it really difficult to discuss things with my opponent.

Aside from that all was good with the day :)

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