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Hippy-faux pt2 power flower 12th May 2018

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And we're back. 

Welcome to Hippy-faux pt 2 - Power Flower.

This will be a 3 round gg18 fixed faction event roughly following the wyrd strategy schedule. It will take place at Wayland games in Hockley, Essex.

With enough people attending I would like to supply the following however, this is subject to change:

Podium trophies (inc spoon) check

Best in faction trophies check

Best painted trophy check

Most (bestest) sporting player check

More (but different) swag sadly, too many late sign ups. Nope.

Wyrd prize support - check

I will again have a cut off period for the custom swag as this needs to be made in advance. This cutoff will be 2 weeks before the event takes place (28th April).

Please send payment of £10 to my pool using this link:


The attendance list will be updated regularly.

The best painted will be awarded to the players pick of best painted totem. 

Peace out

Troy "hippy" Ashdown 


1 - Ben Sime

2 - Reice Chaudhry 

3 - Tom Skitt

4 - Tobias Dracup 

5 - Lee Walstow

6 - Darren Pebody

7 - Max Pebody

8 - Rich Bream

9 - Tim Bamford

10 - James Trevallion

11 - Karl McConnell

12 - Andrew Humphreys

13 - Luke Whitrow

14 - Anthony Fenton

15 - Thomas Nickerson

16 - Oz Goff

17 - Tom Bowers

18 - Craig Woods

19 - Grant "card draw McGee" Dickenson

20 - Daniel Bradley

21 - Soner Hasan

22 - Richard Mathews

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Well, as long as you avoid the first weekend of May (as that'll be Cow Wars on the Sunday, a charity event) I'll try to be there.

Second weekend in May you currently only clash with an event in Sheffield, so no problem.

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Up to 7 signups now.

A small wyrd prize pack has been purchased.

Sorting out trophies

What would you guys like for swag?

Those that came last time got a measuring aid and a 30mm marker. Thinking this time to do a flowery wagon marker as my original idea is going to be way too expensive... What are your thoughts?



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Currently, there are not going to be any additional goodies as the numbers are low. If this improves in the next couple of weeks however, I will do my very best to supply something.

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Having spoken to the venue today we have been double booked and as such, I have to limit the attendees to 20 as they will both have sufficient space.

I am doubtful that I will even hit this number but I wanted to give a heads up about it anyway.

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