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SwordFaux II a Gremlins victory

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Hey, so past weekend participated in a FLGS tournament. Due to a Canadian snowstorm only had 3 others showed up :( but played some good games indoors and away from the snow.

Game 1:

Strat: Public Executions, Close deployment


  • Eliminate the leadership (I picked)
  • Dig Their Graves
  • Show of Form
  • Take One For the Team (Black Blood Shaman)
  • Vendetta (Rami vs BBS, Dopple vs Rami)

Leader: Somer Teeth Jones 
   Dirty Cheater
   Do Over 
   Liquid Bravery 
2x Skeeter
Sammy LaCroix  
Rami LaCroix 
2x Slop Hauler 


Nekima (FGF, OC), Lilith (3ss, 4ss of upgrades), BBS, Doppleganger, Graves, Puke Snake, Tot


So this was a pretty brutal game. First activation Lilith Tangle with Shadows against my skeeter and swapped it with Nekima engaging a slop hauler, gracie, sammy and somer. I went with a skeeter to setup rams on Rami and Gracie incase she survived, but 3 swings from Nekima 1 SS and 2 black blood pulses killed Gracie before I could activate her :(. In revenge Rami killled the BBS getting me 3pts from Vendetta but gibing my opponent 1 for Take one for the team. My slop hauler healed my crew from Nekima's black blood and failed to attack somer, but letting him squeel away. Sammy managed to walk away from Nekima. Somer walked to get LOS to the slop hauler and Nekima (I screwed this up and he didn't need to walk. Forgot you could see into forests just not throw them if you were not inside the terrain). He killed the slop hauler but blasted 4dmg onto Nekima and then shoot her for another 4 which my opponent prevented 3. Meanwhile Graves showed the door to doppleganger who copied Rami's gun and managed to kill him through cover for 3 vendetta pts.

Turn 2 NB won initiative and Nekima charged Somer getting a RJ on damage to kill him :( Slop hauler and Survivor tagged team the doppleganger to deny my opponent points on Public Executions. Skeeter tied up Graves and Sammy started harassing Lilith.

Rest of the game was pretty much Nekima hunting down my crew with Sammy harassing Lilith eventually knocking her down to below half wounds.

Game ended 6 - 4 for Neverborn 


Game 2

Strat: Ply for Information, std deployment


  • Surround them
  • Covert Breakthrough (I picked this)
  • Hold up their forces (Arcanist picked this)
  • Undercover entourage (Zipp and Cassandra)
  • Take Prisoner


Leader: Zipp 
   The Dread Pirate Zipp 
   Liquid Bravery 
   The Gift Of Gab 
Merris LaCroix 
3x Bayou Gremlin 
2x Slop Hauler
Lightning Bug 


Ironsides (Challenge the Crowd, Union President, Veteran Fighter) 5SS cache

Amina (Imbued Energies),

Cassandra (Practiced Productions),

Howard Langston (Imbued Energies),

Arcane Effigy,

Union Steamfitter,

Wind Gamin


This game I felt pretty firmly in charge of nearly all game. First turn mainly saw both of position models, but since I greatly out activated my opponent I could react with my stronger models later in the turn. Howard and Cassandra ended up going up one flank (with them placing scheme markers in their deployment zone corners) with the rest of the crew more up the middle. Zipp ended up killing the wind gamin with a lucky severe on up we go and using dread pirate to try vanish back to my crew.

The rest of the turns Ironside would try to use adrenaline to engage as many models as she could. She spent a lot of turns engaged with my lightning bug, a slop hauler and Zipp (who was using the bayou and his insane speed to be where I needed him). Once I realized my opponent had Hold up their forces I killed a lot of my own crew to deny my opponent points. My favourite moment was Ironside engaging a bayou Gremlin, Slop Hauler and a survivor only for the gremlin to kill himself with drunk and reckless, the slop hauler failing to disengage so my survivor turned on him and killed him (as is the Gremlin way). 

Howard killed Merris but was left on 1 wound for his trouble. Zipp moved over to join my slop hauler killing Howard and spent a few turns casually tossing Cassandra around to deny hold up their forces (I had no idea he was the covert break through target as it looked like my opponent was setting up surrond them).

Fingers spent most of the game engaged with the steam fitter, effigy and amina denying them the chance to interact or do much. Amina did eventually manage to disengage and ply a gremlin but died when a slop hauler and survivor failed to get a severe damage flip to remove the ply so they could ply her instead.

Game ended 9 (3 from ply, 6 from schemes) - 5 (1 for ply, 1 for hold up their forces and 3 for entourage)


Game 3

Strat: Ours, Corner


  • Guarded Treasure (I picked)
  • Set up (Jaakuna, Lenny)
  • Inescapable Trap
  • Search the Ruins (opponent picked)
  • Recover Evidence

Leader: Somer Teeth Jones 
   Dirty Cheater
   Liquid Bravery 
2x Skeeter

Sammy LaCroix  
   I'll Love It and Pet It... 
Merris LaCroix 
   Do Over 

Don't have my oppoents exact list but

Molly with summon horrors and seeing my schemes

Sybelle her upgrade and the extra movement one


Anna Lovelace

Bette Noir

2x belle




1 = opponent zone

2 = beside opponent

3 = mine

4 = beside mine



So first turn I setup the pigapult with some pigs from lenny and my opponent used his lures to get Sybella scarily close to my models. Luckily he BJ the attempt to summon Molly to him. The pigapult missed Sybella 3 times though. 2nd turn opponent won initative and had Molly summon a student of iron by the pigapult who killed it :( Lenny throw Merris away from the student towards quadrant 2 and the rest of my crew started to disengage and head to quadrant 4. Somer failed to bigger hat Molly but managed to burn 1SS and cards by shooting her. Sybella and Bette went to Qudrant 2 to deny my getting it so Merris booked it heading down to qudrant 4 (but had to end in the center but at least away from Bette and Sybelle). The 2 belles and Anna went to Qudrant 4 also denying my points there.

Since my opponent was pretty terrified of Somer and Bigger Hat Molly retreated from Somer and started camping in Quadrant 3, so he in turn went to 4 and started killing the belles and autopsies. Trixie spent the first 2 turns dropping a scheme marker, using a 0 to pick it up and walking. Realizing I had little killing power Trixie started chasing Anna around the board while trailing 3 scheme markers. My opponent knew I had Set Up and naturally assumed Anna was the target and since Trixie can outrun her he spent activation using the belle to pull her back and Anna to pinball trixie and run away. Last turn Trixie chased Anna Through Quadrant 1 into 2 and I caught my opponent by surprise when she dropped all the schemes by Jaakuna. Also Somer at this time had managed to kill all the minions in qudrant 4 and managed to squeel from Merris into Quadrant 1 letting me get a point from the strat.

Meanwhile Sybelle, Bette and Molly were trying to setup around Lenny who kept moving away from the schemes staying engaged until Sammy was finally able to kill him denying my opponent points. 


This game was a real nail biter as my opponent was in control of it pretty much the entire game and at the end I managed to just sneak by to tie it up.

game ended 6 (1 from strat, 2 from Guarded Treasure and 3 from setup) - 6 (4 from strat and 2 from Search the ruins).


So at the end we had 3 of us tied with 1L, 1T and 1W but I managed to sneak into first with the best VP differential.

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Good stuff! One small correction, I scored 2 for Hold Up and only 2 for Entourage (Cassandra was at 3 wounds from Zipp dropping her a few times). And Chatty needs to be errata'd to have a TN or something, Fingers kills me every time.

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