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(Argentina) Trying TtB at La Cueva del Enano!

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Hello! the next Saturday 17/02/18 we are about to play for the first time, at La Cueva del Enano, a game of Through the Breach! This will be an adventure with pregenerated characters to learn the mechanics and enjoy the game before entering into that game. Feel free to come and see, around 11:30, and maybe try the game with us!

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Hi! We managed to play the game for the first time! After 4 hours of gaming, we decided to make a pause before a long trip... The players liked the game, and we will try to start a big campaign in the near future.


Also, at the same club we had later 12 players at malifaux games! Yes, we had to play a 2vs2 because we were out of space.


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