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Northern New Mexico Tournament February 24th

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We will have our first Malifaux tournament at Game Changers Games 217 W. Main st. Farmington, New Mexico

Here are the details; 

Start time will be 2:00 pm. 
Entry fee will be $5.00
Rounds will be 90 minutes long with 30 minutes break between rounds. 
We will play 3 rounds till approximately 9:00 pm. 
Prizes will be awarded after all rounds are played. 
Factions must be declared at the start of the tournament and used throughout the whole tournament, but Masters can be different for each round. 
There will be a 30 soul stone crew limit. 
Schemes and strategies will be drawn during set up and the same scheme and strategies will be used for all games played that round. 
We will be using the schemes and strategies from the M2E book. 
We will be using all updated errata rules.


I am using the Henchmen starter package for prizes so I do not have any guilders to hand out for this one. Sorry.   



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