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Need help against Sandeep!


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Hello friends! Recently I Played 2 games against sandeep with ophelia and both were tied. I had ophelia(dirty cheater), young lacroix, francois(stilts), trixie(a gun for a lady,bounty),rami,raphael,merris,lenny. Sandeep was with 3 oxford mages, 4 wind gamins, kandara. I played on schemes but because of sandeep's summon and a lot of activation we played only 2 turns at the tournament... Maybe somebody has a good experience how to play against sandeep? Strategy was ply for information, i played show force and vendetta.

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Only 2 turns? sounds like slow play regardless of summoner or not. Could pick schemes that are easy to cash in on early if you face the same guy. 

If there are lot of summons there will usually be alot of corpse markers, with franc and burt gone up in price I could see a use for a taxidermist to make use of all those corpses(I almost auto include a taxidermist vs ressers for example).
For all intents and purposes your crew is quite elite and will prefer staying semi close to lenny. Having fingers blocking interacts in a crew like this might be something . 

You can only go so far with list advice though. what works for some people doesn't for others. Try and see if you can make changes to your game play. For example:
You can usually spot what schemes sandeep has early in his game on his behaviour. Think what schemes he has and deny him his points and focus not entierly on what schemes you have. 
Plan as far ahead as you possibly can. read up on sandeep and his crew properly and know what they can do and think about what your reaction to it and what is the expected result of your plan. 

And also practice makes perfect. 2 games against sandeep usually isn't enough to get a good feel for it. play more and often and think about the game afterwards(what was good and what was bad play etc). Like I've played against Hamelin maybe 15 times and I still get surprised sometimes. 

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In general, Sandeep crews need cards. Sandeep and a lot of the models that he typically brings require cards to discard, cards for suits, and cards to meet TNs. Putting pressure on his hand can really help.

Sandeep runs with the Mages quite frequently and may put Warding Runes on any Henchmen he brings along. Figure out which mage gives which buff. Either block LoS, move the Mage out of range, or  kill the Mage that is granting the buff that is giving you trouble. 

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you are almost always best taking Raphael + Francois

You can take upgrades on them but we aware that each upgrade will have to equal 2-3 dmg prevention.

Raphael wants to be low so I recommend keeping him on the cheap 6ss, Franc likes stilts if you can do a big severe/redJ on attack, it almost always is worth it.

at least 1 iron skeeter in the list to cart your favorite model around ( and you can do assassination with Franc due to his accomplice.


You want keep Ophelia with bare with no upgrades and attach all 3 free ones ( including the new one that gives you instinctual )

This allows you not only to re-position a model but also allow it to take 1ap walk to move even further.


A slop hauler never hurts and has access to heal, but very rarely has opportunity to group heal. Sprinkle to flavor.

On the other hand, a banjonista gives nice choices in ignoring armor/ pushing the whole crew/ giving nice card draw from gremlins dying.


Finally 1-2 survivors are very nice to act as significant runners ( just dont reckless them unless you really really need it because its counter to their "survive" aspect )

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Ophelia (3ss) +4 Cache  "7 total"

Young x 3 +6

Franc (stilts) +9

Raphael +6

Pere +6

Iron Skeeter +6

Slop/Banjo +5

Survivor +4

Survivor +4


Get you nice 11 activation.


Keep Pere + Ophelia till the end to toss and obey him up to board. Shove him deep into enemy crew and start attacking (dont need to cast his explode spell) 


Use Skeeter +tome fast for Raphael T1 4ap shooting fest and than T2 Franc + skeeter chain activation murder spree


** you will not be liked **

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7 hours ago, daniello_s said:

Not with Stilts on Franc. Skeeter can't carry him with those attached.

You are correct,

I normally run any of our 6-7 enforcer/henchman bare because increasing ss cost of our low suitability models is just bad idea.

I only included it on the notion as to not get persecuted by gremlin community ( stilts on Frank is all I heard for last 4 years )


You can still do it to some extend with Ophelia moving him in place and giving him focus1 for him to companion into. ( keeps the SS)

I find on a  key turn ( 99% its T2) its worth to stone for cards and than dump "do over" for additional 2 more.

This should allow for more card cycling and give Francois cards to do the +:+fate with extra low cards

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