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Avatars Assemble 8th April 2018

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Good day fellow prowlers of the Wyrd forums,

Something a little different for this event as every master will be required to have their “Avatar Upgrade” (sorry no wave 5 masters for this event), this is a free upgrade and doesn’t count towards the masters upgrade limit.  You will also need to choose a “Manifest Event” (you may change this between rounds).

This is not only a good excuse to rollout those Avatar Models (if you have them) as we are also going to give out a prize for the best Kitbashed Avatar Model.  Rules on the Kitbash model are simple; it must be at least 40% Wyrd, look cool and be a fitting representation of said Avatar.  Do not worry if you do not have an Avatar model or suck at Kitbashing, as all you need to play the game is a spare 50mm base to pop your master on when they manifest.

So this is a Fixed Faction, 50ss event being held over three 120 minute rounds using GG2018.  We only have 14 places available so you will have to be quick to book your places.

The Venue: Impact Wargaming, 63 Laughton Road, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 2PN

Rules Pack: Avatars Assemble

Entree Fee: £15 on the door (advance booked tickets £10)

You can book your place by phoning the shop on (01909) 560273 and ask for Trev, or message me with your email address if you want to pay via Paypal.

Tournament Schedule


Registration 10am

Round One first card flip 10:45am – round ends at 12:45pm

Feeding Time at the Zoo 12:45pm 1:30pm

Round Two first card flip 1:45pm – round ends at 3:45pm

Round Three first card flip 4:20pm – round ends at 6:20pm


Round 1 Strategy

Supply Wagon (Joker), Flank Deployment

Round 1 Schemes

Guarded Treasure (Crows)

Show of Force (7)

Take One For the Team (10)

Recover Evidence (11)

Vendetta (12)


Round 2 Strategy

Symbols of Authority(Masks), Standard Deployment

Round 2 Schemes

Punish the Weak (Masks)

Hold Up Their Forces (4)

Inescapable Trap (6)

Take Prisoner (9)

Public Demonstration (13)


Round 3 Strategy

Public Executions (Tombs), Corner Deployment

Round 3 Schemes

Eliminate Leadership (Tombs)

Covert Breakthrough (1)

Set Up (3)

Undercover Entourage (5)

Search the Ruins (8)

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Tickets are now available for this event, PM me if you are wanting to pay via Paypal or Credit/Debit Card.

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3 hours ago, Vorpalhit said:

had a great time at the last on, just got to check with my boss

Good to hear, our guys will be with you this weekend.

3 hours ago, ProximoCoal said:

Would love to have come. Great idea for an event, but clashes with Welsh Gt

The main reason for this being a more quirky tournament just for those of us unable to attend the GT, though if it proves to be fun we will probably repeat it later in the year.

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