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Everett, WA Malifaux Tournament, Feb 24th 2018

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Malifauxbia 6: What?

3 round Malifaux Tournament

11:30 Saturday, February 24 2018

Mugu Games: (425) 322-4826, 5233 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98203



A Gaining Grounds 2017 format event. Any exceptions will be noted below. 


$15 (75% will go to prize support, 25% will to go to purchase terrain and/or additional prize support)

16 participant maximum


Registration at 11 am.  Round 1 begins at 11:30. See below for individual rounds.

Proxy, Conversion, and Painting Rules:

GG guidelines are followed for the most part. There is no painting requirement, but models must be assembled and fixed to the appropriate size base.  You must use the official Wyrd models (as stipulated in the GG document) with exceptions for unreleased models the “rule of cool”.  The “rule off cool” allows and encourages cool conversions and proxies, it does not allow proxies because someone does not have the appropriate model.  All  proxies must be a good depiction of the model they represent (e.g. Lazarus should be a large robot, Yin should be a bunch of guts, Torakage should be ninjas). A model that makes the table “harder to read” will not be allowed

Please check in advance with the organizer for suitability any non-standard model.


Round 1: Hardcore Henchman.

Round 2: Campifaux.

Round 3: 50 SS Supply Wagons with Blind deployment and Guilder Dash.


Prizes are based on attendance; the prize pool ($) is in Store Credit.

Each participant will receive on raffle ticket and on additional raffle ticket if every model used in the event if fully based and painted.


4-11 Participants

12+ Participants

1st Place*

25% of Prize pool, Sm Mystery Box, Winner Guilder

25% of Prize pool, Lg Mystery Box, Winner Guilder

2nd Place*

25% of Prize pool, Sm Mystery Box

25% of Prize pool, Sm Mystery Box

3rd Place*

25% of Prize pool

25% of Prize pool, Limited edition stat card.

Raffle Prize*

Limited edition stat card.

Sm Mystery Box

*Maximum of one prize per participant.



Round 1: HH


Deployment:   Close

Strategy:        Hard Core Turf War

Schemes:          Assassinate

Time:               45 Min

Hardcore Turf War

"Don't you dare," Nicodem squinted his eyes at the coroner. "If you say it, there will be death. If it slips from that cobweb of thoughts and delusions you call a mind, and pushes past your tongue to rush past your lips, I'll end this. I won't hesitate, blood's bad enough here. This is my cemetery, these are my bodies. MINE!"

McMourning couldn't control himself. He choked back the words at first, but his wide grin overcame him. "This graveyard ain't big enough for the both of us."

Dark will guided the bones of Nicodem's zombies as they struck from the shadows. Dark will and fury.


Place a single Turf Marker at the Center of the table.

Victory Points

At the end of each Turn, a Crew earns 1 VP if it has two or more non-Peon models within 6" of the Turf Marker.

 Assassinate (C)

The opposing leader must die!

This Scheme begins the game unrevealed. If the enemy Leader is killed or sacrificed, reveal this Scheme. If the enemy Leader is killed or sacrificed, gain 2 VP. If this happens on or before Turn 4, score 3 VP instead.



 Round 2: Camp Faux


Deployment:   Special

Strategy:        Camp Faux

Schemes:          None

Time:               70 Min (35 Min for each game)

This round will consist of two 35 minutes games.  One player will play the Hunter and the other player will play the Counselors in game one.  The players will switch roles for game two.


Each player can score a maximum of 5 VP from the strategy in each game.  Each players VP for the round is the sum of their VP from the two games.

Camp Faux


All models and upgrades are considered to be Rare 1 for this encounter.

There are no Leaders in this encounter, and thus no free models.

During hiring any unspent SS are lost.


The Hunter may be any non-master model totaling 13 points or less including upgrades.  0 point models are valued at 10 points.


The Counselor crew is 35SS, and must have exactly 5 non-master models.

Up to two out of faction models may be hired at no additional cost, out of faction models may be proxied.

Set Up

Each player flips a card (reflip ties).  The player with the higher card plays the Hunter, the other player plays the counselors.

Hunter places six Camper Markers on the field at least 6” from the table edge and any other Camper Marker.

Counselors deploy first, completely within 6 inches of the board’s center.

Hunter deploys in base contact of any board edge.  Then declares a board edge they are in contact with as friendly. 

While not needed for this scenario, for game effects that require it, deployment is standard with the hunter’s friendly board edge being the back edge of their deployment zone.  The opposite deployment zone belongs to the Counselors.

 Special Rules

Each player has a default maximum Hand Size of four cards.

Any game effect which summons models, or alters deployment are considered to be “blank” (they may not be used and have no effect on the game, as if they were not printed on the model).

There is no round limit for this encounter, do not flip for ending the Encounter. Once either player reaches 5 VP the game ends immediately (no more VP may be scored, do not perform upkeep, etc.).


The Hunter gains these Abilities:

Bloodlust: After killing an enemy model, this model gains reactivate.

Unrelenting: Whenever this model would gain a Condition from an enemy model it may choose to not gain the Condition instead. Whenever this model would take damage from an enemy model it may choose to reduce the damage to 1. If this model would be removed from play, instead it heals all wounds, and the Hunter palaces the model in base contact with any board edge.

You are Puny: This model may leave enemy engagement range, charge while engaged and use projectile actions while engaged.

The Hunter gains this Action:

(0) “IT’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU!” (Ca: 6 / TN: 11): This action may only be taken if no enemy model can draw LoS to this model. Place this model anywhere completely within 10” that is also within 1” of blocking terrain. This model may not take charge actions for the remainder of the activation.

Patient: As long as at least one opposing model has an activation remaining this model may elect not activate.  If it does so they retain their activation, and the activation passed back to their opponent.

Victory Points

Each player may score a maximum of 5 VP from this strategy.

Counselor models can use a (1) Interact Action to remove a Camper Marker in base contact with itself. If they do so, this Crew scores 1 VP, and the Hunter may place itself in base contact with the Camper Marker before it is removed.

The Hunter scores 1 VP the first time each Counselor model leaves play.


This scenario is based on one posted by Mox_Henchman.



Round 3: Fifty


Deployment:   Blind

Strategy:        Supply Wagons

Schemes:          Guarded Treasure
                        Take Prisoner
                        TBD GG2018

Special:           Guilder Dash

Blind Deployment

In the Deploy Crews Step, the player deploying the first model is the Red Player, and the opponent is the Black Player.

The players take a number of cards from a Fate Deck equal to the number of models in the Crew of the appropriate color. For example, the Red Player with 7 models will take 7 Rams or Masks from the deck.

Shuffle the red and black cards together to form a temporary deck. Starting with the Black Player, each player places a card from the top of the temporary deck face down (without looking at it) anywhere on the table, not touching another card. Once all the cards are placed, flip them over.

Each player may deploy a single model (starting with the Red Player) anywhere on top of a card of their color and then that card is removed.

Once the players have deployed all of their models, the deployment is treated as Standard Deployment (see pg. 65) for the remainder of the game, choosing a Deployment Zone as normal (but not actually placing any models there). This is important because some mechanics will reference the player's Deployment Zone.

From the shadows may not be used this game.

Supply Wagons (Modified for Blind Deployment)

After deploying models, starting with the Red player, each player places one 50mm, Ht 3, Blocking, Impassable, Hard Cover friendly Supply Wagon Marker on their side of the table, anywhere completely in their deployment zone and not in terrain.


Non-Peon models in base contact with a Supply Wagon Marker may take a (1) Interact Action to push the Marker in any direction, ignoring intervening models.

If this Marker would come into base contact with impassable terrain, it stops in base contact with the terrain, if that terrain was a Terrain Marker, remove that marker and then continue the push as normal. Supply Wagon Markers cannot end a push on a models base. The distance of the push depends on the model’s base size:

• 30mm: Up to 2"

• 40mm: Up to 3"

• 50mm: Up to 4"

Victory Points

At the end of every Turn after the first, a Crew earns 1 VP if they have a friendly Supply Wagon at least partially on their opponent's side of the board.

Guarded Treasure

This Scheme may not start revealed. Reveal this Scheme once this Crew has earned any VP from it.

At the end of every Turn after the first, this Crew earns 1 VP if it has at least two Scheme Markers within 2" of the Centerline, at least 8" apart, and each has at least 1 friendly non-Peon, non-Minion model within 3". After scoring, remove all friendly Scheme Markers within 2" of the Centerline.


This Scheme may not start revealed. Reveal this Scheme once this Crew has scored any VP from it.

The scheming player notes one of their non-Leader, non-Peon models with a Soulstone cost greater than 0 and an enemy model with a Soulstone cost equal to or greater than the scheming player's chosen model.

If the noted friendly model's first Attack Action in the game is against the noted enemy model, score 1 VP and reveal this Scheme.

If the noted enemy model is not in play at the end of the game, and this Scheme has been revealed, score 1 additional VP.

If the noted enemy model is killed by the chosen friendly model, score 3 VP.

Take Prisoner

This Scheme may not start revealed.

When you choose this Scheme, note down an enemy model. At the end of the game, if this Crew has at least one non-Peon model engaged with the noted enemy model, this Crew earns 2 VP.

If this Crew earns any VP from this Scheme and there are no other enemy models within 3” of the noted model, this Crew earns 1 additional VP.

Guilder Dash

Place a Cash Marker at the center of the table. A model in base contact with the marker may take a (1) Interact action to pick up and “hold” the marker.  If the model holding the marker sufferers Sever damage the opponent of the model places the Cash Marker anywhere where within 2” and LoS not in base contact with a model; after resolving the current action and all triggers.  If the marker cannot be placed legally it is not dropped.

At the end of the game the crew holding the marker (or the last crew to hold the marker if none do so) earn one extra Guilder.


This Scheme may not start revealed. Reveal this Scheme once this Crew has scored any VP from it.

At the end of every Turn after the first, this Crew scores 1 VP if it has at least one non-Peon model within 4” of where each end of the Centerline of the board meets the board edge (or corner).

Covert Breakthrough

This Scheme may not start revealed.

At the end of the game, this Crew earns 1 VP for each of its Scheme Markers within 6” of the enemy Deployment Zone.



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