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Attack on the Outpost @ The Outpost Sheffield 22/04/18

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Hi Malifolk,

I'm back with a "standard" event this time, please join me at

Attack on the Outpost
Sunday 22nd April 2018
At the Outpost Unit 2 Kingfisher Works S3 8AU
Registration 9.30am, 1st Intiative flip 10.00am.


Rules pack


Format - 
Fixed Faction 3 Round Event played using 50SS crews.

Schemes and Strategies
Round 1
Flank Deployment
:crow Ours 
:crow Guarded Treasure
Covert Breakthrough
Hold Up Their Forces
Show Of Force
Take Prisoner

Round 2
Standard Deployment
:tome Public Executions 
:tome Eliminate the Leadership
Dig Their Graves
Set Up
Inescapable Trap

Round 3
Close Deployment
:ram Ply for Information 
:ram Surround Them
Set Up
Search The Ruins
Recover Evidence
Public Demonstration

There is scrip for everyone (depending on supply)
Alt Stat card for the first person to kill the opposition Master (depending on supply)
Using a fully painted crew (three colours+) gets you a raffle ticket for a mystery box
Most VP Scored with best positive score.  
Voucher prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd ££££ to spend in The Outpost.
Best in Faction trophies!

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My April is rather busy so I have not got a clue if I can get to this one, but I know a number of our guys are looking forward to this event coming up.

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