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Tombstone Legacy Feb 24 - Mar 31

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Tombstone Legacy is our Malifaux Shifting Loyalties Campaign that will be held over 6 weeks at Impact Wargaming near Sheffield.

Gremlins maybe running rampant in the Tombstone Territory, but the Resurrectionists still have a strong holding leaving many an un-dead wandering the streets.

Our prize pack consists of a choice of Malifaux Alt Sculpt Models & Guilders along with a bunch of Marksrs & Widgets provided by “Art of War Studios”.

The Prizes

1st Alt Sculpt Model, Set of Gold Scheme Markers

2ndAlt Sculpt Model, Set of Silver Scheme Markers

3rd Alt Sculpt Model, Set of Malifaux Markers

4th Alt Sculpt Model, Set of Malifaux Markers

Last Place: Pot Noodle

For those of you that do not finish in the top 4 we will have some Guilders, Markers & Measuring Widgets etc so everyone gets something for participating.

Entire Fee: £15

Venue: Impact Wargaming, 63 Laughton Road, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S25 2PN.

Rules Pack: Impact Wargaming Tombstone Legacy

Scoring & the Winners

Players can only play 1 campaign game each week and may not face the same player consecutively.  Winning a game will award you 5 Campaign Points (CP), you are awarded 3 Campaign Points for a Draw, 1 Campaign Point for fielding a fully painted crew & 1 Campaign Point if you lose and did not make a Strategic Withdrawal.

At the end of the campaign we will add every players Campaign Rating to their Campaign Points and the player with the highest total will win, in the case of a tie we will drop down to Diff and if necessary VP.

Week One: 24/02/2017

Week Two: 03/03/2017

Week Three: 10/03/2017

Week Four: 18/03/2017

Week Five: 24/03/2017

Week Six: 31/03/2017


Games can be played anytime during shop opening hours but to be safe book a table with Trev to ensure you can get your game in.


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19 hours ago, PositronMike said:

What schemes and strats are being used for this? Just debating what faction I am going to be playing

The regular M2e Schemes & Strategies with the potability of some story encounters thrown in.

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Our week three event is Carnivorous Plants


Mike: CP: 12 / CR: 03

Bex: CP: 12 / CR: 03

James: CP: CP: 12 / CR: 03

Matt: CP: CP: 08 / CR: 01

Trev: CP: CP: 08 / CR: 01

Phil: CP: 08 / CR: 01

Luke: CP: CP: 08 / CR: -1

Jonathan: CP: 06 / CR: 03

Jason: CP: 06 / CR: 02

Chris: CP: 06 / CR: 01

Stu: CP: CP: 04 / CR: 01

Perry: CP: 04 / CR: 01

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