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The Wyrd Bunch @ The Outpost Sheffield 25/03/18

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Hi Malifolk,

Ever wondered how your favourite wave one masters, henchmen, enforcers, minions and peons would have fared on release, had all the errata'd and upgrades been in effect as they are now? 
well this is what would have happened had you thought that, may I present... 

The Wyrd Bunch
Sunday 25th March 2018
At the Outpost Unit 2 Kingfisher Works S3 8AU
Registration 9.30am, 1st Intiative flip 10.00am.

Format - 
Fixed Faction 3 Round Event played using 50SS crews from wave one only. 
Errata and upgrades up to and including wave 5.

Schemes and Strategies
Round 1
Standard Deployment
:ram Ply for Information 
:ram Surround Them
2 Dig Their Graves
4 Hold Up Their Forces
5 Undercover Entourage
9 Take Prisoner

Round 2
Close Deployment
:mask Symbols of Authority 
:mask Punish the Weak
1 Covert Breakthrough
2 Dig Their Graves
11 Recover Evidence
12 Vendetta

Round 3
Corner Deployment
:crow Ours 
:crow Guarded Treasure
8 Search The Ruins
10 Take One For The Team
11 Recover Evidence
13 Public Demonstration


Rules Pack

A Facebook Event

The Outpost Malifaux Facebook Group

Using a fully painted crew (three colours+) gets you a raffle ticket for a mystery box
Alt Stat card for the first person to kill the opposition Master.
Most VP Scored with best positive score.  
Voucher prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd ££££ to spend in The Outpost.
Best in Faction trophies!

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1 hour ago, Mr Janje said:

When you say Errata up to Wave 5, does that mean the 50ss crew can be anything from book 1 AND Any card that got erratad?

For Example, Yasunori :P?

there's always one....

Models from wave one, the first book, using the new errata'd cost & abilities.
You may take legal upgrades for your crew up to wave 5, this allows Rasputina to summon, McMouring could hire beasts, Seamus can ask "do you know who i am?" etc 

I'd like you all to flex those malifaux muscles using some models you may not have taken in a while, you have a good idea what your crews need to do so you can start planning and scheming, can you find a combo that you over looked because the models are older? 

eg, what about McMorning with razorspine rattlers, can anyone make that "work"?


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"Legal" Model List

Lady Justice, Sonnia Criid, Perdita Ortega

Francisco Ortega, Samael Hopkins, The Judge

Scales of Justice, Purifying Flame, Enslaved Nephilim, Governor's Proxy

Death Marshal, Executioner, Guild Austringer

Guild Guard, Peacekeeper, The Lone Marshal

Witchling Stalker, Nino Ortega, Papa Loco, Santiago Ortega


Seamus, McMourning, Nicodem

Madame Sybelle, Sebastian, Mortimer

Copycat Killer, Zombie Chihuahua, Vulture, Graveyard Spirit

Bete Noire, Canine Remains, Crooked Man

Flash Construct, Mindless Zombie, Necropunk

Nurse, Punk Zombie, Rotten Belle, The Hanged, 


Rasputina, Marcus, Ramos

Myranda, Joss, Cojo, Ice Golem, 

Wendigo, Jackalope, Brass Arachnid, Essence of Power

December Acolyte, Electric Creation, Hoarcat Pride

Howard Langston, Ice Gamin, Metal Gamin

Moleman, Rail Golem, Razorspine Rattler

Sabertooth Cerberus, Steam Arachnid, Steam Arachnid Swarm


Lilith, Pandora, Zoraida

Barbaros, Candy, Bad Juju

Cherub, Poltergeist, Voodoo Doll, Primordial Magic

Baby Kade, Teddy, Beckoner

Doppleganger, Mature Nephilim, Silurid

Sorrow, Terror Tot, Waldgeist, Young Nephilim


Von Schill, Tara, Victoia of Ashes

Hannah, The Nothing Beast, Victoria of Blood, Taelor, 

Steam Trunk, Karina, Student of Conflict, Malifaux Child

Bishop, Convict Gunslinger, Desperate Mercenary

Freikorps Specialist, Freikorpsmann, Hans

Johan, Killjoy, Ronin, Void Wretch


Somer Teeth Jones, Ophelia LaCroix, The Brewmaster

Francois LaCroix, Fingers, Lenny, Whiskey Golem

Skeeter, Younf LaCroix, Apprentice Wesley

Bayou Gremlin, Hog Whisperer, Moon Shinobi

Pigapult, Piglet, Slop Hauler

War Pig, Pere Ravage, Rami LaCroix, Raphael LaCroix


Misaki, Mei Feng, Jacob Lynch

Ototo, Kang, Yamaziko

Shang, Emberling, Hungering Darkness

Dawn Serpent, Fuhatsu, Monk Of Low River

Oiran, Rail Worker, The Illuminated

Thunder Archer, Tokarage, Samurai


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I will assemble the minions tomorrow evening and get the tickets booked, looking like we have Mat, Perry, Phil, Luke & myself.  Hopefully we will also get Stu, Jon & James to drop down for this.

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Nicholas Carpenter 
Stuart Macmillan 
Stuart Macmillan +1 (James)
Stuart Macmillan +2 (Jonathan) 
Trevor Malkin 
Trevor Malkin +1 (Phil)
Trevor Malkin +2 (Mat)
Trevor Malkin +3 (Luke)

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1 trevor malkin 3 0 0 22 13 9 9
2 Nicolas Carpenter 2 1 0 29 20 9 7
3 Stuart Macmillan 2 0 1 25 20 5 6
4 Jonathan Macmillan 1 1 1 24 22 2 4
5 dan haslam 1 1 1 18 22 -4 4
6 James Macmillan 1 0 2 23 25 -2 3
7 Perry Dale 0 1 2 12 25 -13 1
8 Mathew Brockbank 0 0 3 16 22 -6 0


thank you all for coming, next time i'll only take one for the team when i'm allowed to... 

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