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FanFic to official lore?


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Hi all, just curious as to whether or not some of these stories have ever been picked up by Wyrd and published in of the official supplements or the chronicle. Writing is another major interest and hobby of mine, and I'm absolutely in love with the Malifaux universe, and I would prefer to tailor my writings to fit within canon if possible before I go off the wall and start crossing universes with other games outside of Wyrd lol Thanks guys!

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There have been a few writing contests from time to time, unpredictable in scheduling. The last two, Storied Soundtracks, had their winners paid and published in Wyrd Chronicles. Definitely create your own characters and narrative within the universe for a better chance at winning that. [Storied Soundtracks 2’s winning story needed the disclaimer because it touched, with a light and inoffensive hand, on a character in Wyrd canon.] Also check out the Battle Reports forum: some folks write their activation-by-activation detailed accounts into a narrative.

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