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Friday Preview - Royal Rifle Corps

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Happy Friday Wyrdos!  We continue our previews of the Other Side.  Today I bring you the pride of the King's Empire, the Royal Rifle Corps!  Take a look.


The most elite infantry unit in the King’s forces is the Royal Rifle Corps. The average soldier only has a few paths that lead to joining the Rifle Corps (but the most common is a tour in the Grenadiers). Armed with the best weapons money can buy, these troops drill endlessly to ensure that they are prepared for anything the enemy might throw at them. The CLLE Rifle is one of the longest range mass-produced firearms on Earth, and the sound of a squad of Royal Rifles firing on a position can put fear into even the most stalwart defenders. When they are not on the battlefield or drilling, the Corps are often asked to take part in parades and other morale building exercises on behalf of the King.

On the tabletop, the Royal Rifle Corps are a longranged, high accuracy, high damage unit. While a Commander pays for the privilege of their presence, the Corps rarely disappoint. Solid defense, Armor, and Actions ensure that the Royal Rifle Corps are a valuable (if expensive) addition to any Company.

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Although not my cup of tea, these guys once again look amazing (for lunch!).

Something that is kind of bugging me about the King's Empire (and the game as a whole a little). Every single company has England's best soldier and spy as their commanders (don't know much about Kassa, but I'm starting to assume she's the world's foremost engineer!) and now their supposed most elite unite is their mainstay unit in the game. 

The other allegiances also have this problem, but it kind of irked me that it specifically said Charles and Belle were the absolute best instead of one of the best. 

Love everything else! Sorry to be a Negative Nancy, but wanted to give some feedback (although it's a long way too late!) 

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To be fair, after the battle of London everyone who wasn't the 'best of the best' was eaten by fish monsters, recruited by the cult or eaten by the cult. 

Exceptionalism through Darwinism! 

Just wait until the KE gets Gurkhas. We are getting Gurkhas, right? Eventually. 

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Wanted to expand on the idea.
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