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UK Nationals - 10/11th November 2018

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This year's event will take place on 10/11th November at a new venue in Melton Mowbray. This will offer a larger, fresher environment with more space, and is close to the town centre and a variety of accommodation.

The venue is; Pera Business Park, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE13 0PB

The new venue has space for around 180 players with space between boards and between tables, but initially we will release 132 142 tickets. Numbers will be limited by how much terrain can be secured, so I will be reaching out to the UK community to secure your terrain and boards for the event. In return there will be a unique raffle for those bringing terrain, including some unique gaming mats.

Tickets will be £35 for the weekend. Food is not included, but we're looking into lunch options.

Transport links look good with a direct train to Stansted Airport, and links to the rest of the country via Leicester & Birmingham.

Rulespack is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j76rmk0umkj5o2k/Rules Pack - UK Nationals 2018.pdf?dl=0

There will be regular updates here https://www.facebook.com/uknationals/ , but all significant info will be both here and on facebook.

Tickets are available by sending £35 as a gift by PayPal to malifaux.henchman@gmail.com

Please note that refunds will no longer be offered (unless your space is sold to another player).


  1. Pawel Gawrys (Poland)
  2. Bartosz Popowicz (Poland)
  3. Bartosz Jankowski (Poland)
  4. Maciej Pasek (Poland)
  5. Nino Beck (Germany)
  6. Andre Killing (Germany)
  7. John Burgess
  8. Grant Dickenson
  9. Troy Ashdown
  10. Rich Walters
  11. Dom O’Meara
  12. James Henley
  13. Jonny Hill
  14. Andy Bradshaw
  15. Arran Jones
  16. Dan Haslam
  17. Michal Peplinski
  18. Pål Heierstad (Norway)
  19. Oyvind Haugaa (Norway)
  20. Rik Phillips
  21. Scott Barton
  22. Luke Withrow
  23. Kevin Skitt (isle of Man)
  24. Tom Skitt
  25. Nathan Chenery
  26. Emma Newham
  27. Alyx Drake
  28. Gordon Barlow
  29. Danny Moss
  30. Stuart Killoran
  31. Tobias Dracup
  32. AJ Barr
  33. Nick Ferrier
  34. Westlee Barr
  35. Dave Laing
  36. Lewis Phillips
  37. Richard Matthews
  38. Alex Hill
  39. Kevin Woodward
  40. Steve Johnston
  41. Rob Hallam
  42. Karl McConnell
  43. Carl Lee
  44. Kevin Gillet
  45. Cai Bird
  46. Gemma Stevenson
  47. Dave Allen
  48. Tim De Groot (Holland)
  49. Gjalt Hooijkamp (Holland)
  50. Maric-Alexei Brouwer (Holland)
  51. Paul Wiggers (Holland)
  52. Dan Humpage
  53. Graham Allington
  54. Leszek Dziubek (Poland)
  55. Jakub Borsa (Poland)
  56. Bartlomiej Staszcyk (Poland)
  57. Josh Leak
  58. Ben Sime
  59. Ollie Hedges
  60. James Varney
  61. Darren Pebody
  62. Max Pebody
  63. Nick Pratt
  64. Matt Lewin
  65. Craig Wood
  66. Stef McGlen
  67. Mark Elwood
  68. Tim Brown
  69. Ross Mason
  70. Oz Goff
  71. Craig Colley
  72. George Hollingdale
  73. Jamie Matthews
  74. Jamie Clark
  75. Antonio Montenegro (Spain)
  76. David Lenok
  77. Phil Hawtin
  78. Ugnius Dovidauskas (Lithuania via Brighton)
  79. Migle Dovidauskiene (Lithuania via Brighton)
  80. Tom Trigg
  81. Alex Killen
  82. Tim Bohknecht
  83. James Marlowe
  84. Goviazin Kirill (Russia)
  85. Bert Diamond
  86. Michael Elvins
  87. Tristan Malone
  88. Declan Larcombe
  89. Connor Truby
  90. Jay Malone
  91. Greg Page
  92. Charlie Collins
  93. Christian Schmertmann (Germany)
  94. Nico Edl (Germany)
  95. Dorian Jürgens (Germany)
  96. John Hartigan
  97. Bret Rice
  98. Larry Staffeldt
  99. Viktor Szafranski
  100. Adrian Mills
  101. Steve Connolly
  102. Rob Levitt
  103. Paul Butler
  104. Shaun Mitchell
  105. Neil Harrison
  106. Michael Hartman
  107. Jon McCarthy
  108. Simon Bloomfield
  109. Ian Nightingale
  110. Tony Fenton
  111. Thomas Nickerson
  112. Andrew Humphrey
  113. Luke Cocksedge
  114. Dan Webb
  115. Jordan Thomas
  116. Adam Slater
  117. George Yurchak (Latvia)
  118. Leopold Slany
  119. The Pirate
  120. Andrew Bushell



Note - space expanded to 142 places.

Any queries please email malifaux.henchman@gmail.co.uk 

Tickets For Sale

  1. Robin Kamerman (Holland) - contact @Nephilimslayer 
  2. James Trevallion 
  3. Greg Piskosz
  4. Adam Bone
  5. Will Malcolm Hope
  6. Tim Britton
  7. Jeroen van Riel (Holland)
  8. Reice Chaudhry
  9. Mark Gibson
  10. Aaron Bowey (Jersey)
  11. Billy Mason
  12. Tobias Troeger (Germany)
  13. Johnathan Clarke
  14. Piotr Jaworski (Poland)
  15. Lukasz Bober (Poland)
  16. Shaun Moran


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Battlefield Hobbies has been a good home for the nationals but I am really excited to see what the new venue can offer. Already looking forward to Malifaux Nationals 2018! 

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4 hours ago, katadder said:

Any more news on this yet?

Kai and I will be discussing it this weekend. Venue is chosen just need to agree some details, including limit on numbers, price, etc. and when tickets can go on sale. So hopefully there will be an announcement next week.

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7 minutes ago, Clousseau said:

Tickets will go on sale on Thursday 6th April - details to follow.


Is that Thursday 5th or Friday 6th?

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10 Tickets bought for the following group:

John Burgess

Grant Dickenson

Troy Ashdown

Will Malcolm

Rich Walters

Dom O’Meara

James Henley

Jonny Hill

Andy Bradshaw

Arran Jones

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