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They're Gaining Ground Tournament @ Des Moines, IA

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  • GG18 - 50ss fixed faction tournament
  • 3 Rounds lasting 2h
  • $10 entry fee


  • Jan 14th, registration, 10am - 10:30am and tournament 11am - 7pm


  • Mayhem Comics in Clive, IA

Other Rules?

  • No painting required, but it will be rewarded
  • Proxies allowed so long as the model is identifiable
  • Otherwise latest Gaining Ground and Errata will be followed
  • Prizes rewarded via a point system (player with most points picks prize he wants and so forth)
  • Guild Script for everyone that participates


Our stores prize support is fantastic and everyone will get at least $15 in store credit for prizes.

You can RSVP via facebook here or message me through the forums

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