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Wyrdscape Preview

Nathan Caroland

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9 minutes ago, Bazlord_Prime said:

It's from the Emeline Bellerose story/Beastiary section in the "Under Quarantine" TTB book. I just read it for the first time the other day! 

Evil Japanese landowner spirit who comes back from the dead to continue to mess with his tenants. 

I think we've all been there...

Sweet! Thanks for the info! Wish I had a reason to buy the TTB books besides fluff curiosity. Nobody runs games here.

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1 hour ago, the tick said:

"This is Wanyudo, don't get excited..."

So 2 questions:

1) What is (a?) Wanyudo?

2) You can't show that to me and expect me not to get a little excited....

This all looks wonderful!  Love that it has an interior!  Hope it's not too expensive... I'd love a Little Kingdoms themed set!

If you want some real-world history


I use this site for all my Japanese stuff from Wyrd

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Love the idea.

Dread painting it.

Wonder how large the range will be and what will be included.

For Little Kingdoms I'd like to see a kind of add-on pack.  It makes sense that the buildings of Malifaux don't take after any earth style themselves, they are built by an alien mind but instead that the folks of earth have added their own flavor and style to the infrastructure, so maybe some buildings and bits where the facade and appearances have been culturally tricked but the buildings themselves would be mostly consistent with their alien theme.

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@Nathan Caroland

Terrain should be functional and I'm worried this one's not.

  1. How big the terrace is? Can the model with 30/40/50 mm base fit in? If not, maybe send the building's blueprints to the same manufacturers responsible for oversized Nightmare Nothing Beast and Grootslang to fix it :P
  2. Similar question: Can a 32 mm-high model on 30 mm base fit through the door? Can we open the door?
  3. Are there other entrances to the building? Like, you know, a door on the other side?
  4. You said about interiors, so I assume the roof is removable. Is there enough space for models to move and interact with each other?
  5. The weirdest element of this model is that little tower/gazebo/lodge thing. Is it accesible for models? If so, how? Also, you decided to make windows out of solid plastic. What about line of sight rules?

The building looks interesting and I bet it would make an excellent centerpiece of riverside diorama but that would be a shame the first piece of terrain your company produced is incompatible with your game.


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Size cannot be "true 32 mm" or buildings would be really big. Never is with comparable terrain from other companies. Usual compromise is to have outside features playable. Veranda for example looks OK for 30 mm, maybe 40 mm. Interior would be single room I guess. Large enough for a 4-way brawl and some furniture. Making for some interesting blocking options in a tight space.

Line of Sight is still possible even with plastic windows, just hard. But you could just say "no LoS" to keep it simple.

Looks awesome to me and then some. More than enough playability and some gaudy, elaborate, whimsical features. Which scream Malifaux to me. So, all good.

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13 hours ago, Nikodemus said:

One abstraction we sometimes use is allow LoS through the whole side of a wall if there's a window on it.

I personally suggest counting the window and 1" of it as dense. That lets you see through it, if you're close to it without making you able to see everything for ever. 

The Terrain looks awesome, but I'm interested in practicality, playability and transport. As such I might have to wait until I see it in the flesh 

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Including a never-before-seen mini of a giant head in a flaming wheel for scale is a tad... wyrd.

But seriously, I do like the look of that building. IMO buildings that you buy should be the sort that one couldn't build and this one fits the bill. The only reservation I have is that it is so glorious that one should probably have a table's worth of terrain in this style to fully appreciate it :)

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