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Has anyone else considered going Double Commander Aby?

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I backed because I have a deep connection to Ethiopia. I’m all in on Abyssinia, but am considering my backer kit options. I have $390 into the backer kit and am considering doing a double Abyssinia Commander + Kassa + Steel Legion + Executioners + Shirt/Deck. 

That way I get two Basotho, two Rail Gunner, two Dreadnoughts, two crow runners, and lots of engineers.

I don’t think I’ll ever need 4 units of Mehal Sefari though.

Second Issue is I am not sure there is even a community that is going to play this game even though Malifaux was/is super popular in my area. So might make sense to focus on something I can sell off if I don’t see any interest in my LGS and or have a split set that can play against itself (ie Aby/Horde).

Thoughts? Should I just get another allegiance instead of doubling Aby?

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That is the points restriction on 2 Dreds, if you do go Double Aby?

I doubled Commandered Abyssenia and The Hordes, but am supplementing the Abyssinians with Kassa, the Steel legion and the Mechanized infinity (maybe another Rail gun as well)...

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