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Hi guys 

Can you explain me the different tokens in this game if it's possible ( Inspire, Reinforcement...)  and at least how a unit flip to the glory side except with a special effect?


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All pending on final rules version, but its probably close


Inspired: During a duel's Modify step, a Fireteam in this unit may remove an Inspired Token to gain +2 AV to the current duel.
 Shaken: During a duel's Modify step, the opponent may choose to remove a Shaken Token from this unit to give a Fireteam involved in the duel -2 AV during the current

(these will cancel each other out, so a model will either have inspired or shaken tokens(or none))

Pinned: When a Fireteam in this unit attempts to move, its movement is decreased by 2" for every Pinned Token on its unit. For every 2" of movement that this reduces, the
unit removes a Pinned Token.
Reinforcement: At any point during a unit's Activation, it may discard a Reinforcement Token to flip an attached Asset from

(again you can't have both)

Reinforce tokens can also be used to add models to the unit.


There are also Tactics tokens that are used to

:Buy cards

Buy stratagems, 

Flip additional cards in a duel

Pay for other effects.  (claim objectives, summon hordes models and so forth)


How a unit flips to glory will change depending on what faction it is. So Kings empire might flip by Killing an enemy fire team, Hordes by killing its own teams, burning man by having 2 or more shaken tokens and Abyssinia by winning a duel by 6 or more. 

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